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    Bounty Hunting Tiers

    quick update, it seems the reputation system connected to bounty hunting is totaly broken since 1 - 2 patches back. You now only get the promotion mission and not the actuall mission that you earn money from.
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    Worst timing on a decision I have seen from CIG so far

    CIG Staff 1: how can we make people buy more ships. CIG Staff 2: I know! Let's increase insurance claim time in our alpha and make people not able to play, that will show them the need to buy more ships!
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    Bug makes game unplayable

    that picture right there is vaporware proof?!
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    3.12 refining stations

    terminals should be gone now, you need to go to refining station or levski for unrefined.
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    Bounty Hunting Tiers

    Definatly can't wait for armor, and blades. starfarer with blades. big as gunship :D
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    Bounty Hunting Tiers

    yeha, pretty much same as previus kill missions. Go to marker, wait for them to spawn (think there is some backend delay atm) If your able to spin up and leave quick enogh, then you can get out before the reinforcements arrive to hit you as well. Up to medium is easy. hard and very hard, is...
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    Bounty Hunting Tiers

    yeha, you are still offerd a mix of lower tier missions. Also the rank you have with the diffrent organisations is not connected to the tiers on the diffrent missions. So if you feel medium tier is enogh, you can justskip the next tier mission and keep doing the medium missions for reputation...
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    Bounty Hunting Tiers

    definatly is, and once you increase in reputation rank, you get % bonus on your pay. not sure how far up it goes, but goten 10% extra so far. however, the ballistics enemies hurt alot. But then i also fly the conny, so im guessing the shield holes are making me squishy :D
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    Bounty Hunting Tiers

    Here is a list of the diffrent bounty hunting tiers (that i have been able to get so far) with the new reputation system and what the pay is for doing them. Hope it helps those who like to run...
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    Macaque's Marketplace

    is the BANU DEFENDER with LTI?
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    3.12 refining stations

    5, 1 at microtech, 1 at crusader, 1 at arccorp, 2 at hurston :) But yeha, all located on the R&R's and the starports above planets are dedicated fort he cargo stuff aperantly
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    3.12 refining stations

    Here is a list of the Refining locations and what materials they have specializations on. Hope it helps someone :) If you find any stations ive missed, feel free to poke :) you will recognize a...
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    Semi-Daily Mining Ops for 3.12

    I would gladly join, Timezones might be a issue tho, since im CET (Central european time) Focus on mining or scaning since i suck at dogfighting :)
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    LTI discounted Ships, upgrades and items - vahadar's at cost emporium for TESTies

    As someone who did this for the first time, it worked like a charm, Vahadar was very helpful and fixed my fuck ups. Proud owner of 2 Gemini to Merchantman CCU's. Thank you very much 10/10 :) Highly recomand
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    I've made a monster of a package

    ye im having a hard time seeing perseus become more expensive then a polaris. polaris has so much interior abilitys, like medical, etc. i doubt the perseus will have that. but we will see on saturday
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    Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950 Megathread - Its Done

    nice catch, i totaly missed that there was a docking port there. seems to fit the docking model we have seen on the weekly dev videos
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    Nothing to see here

    KITTTTY CAT!!! perfect for drake day
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    CIG and Turbulent opens Canadian studio

    haha, unfortunatly it sounds like they will only work on "worlds" wich guess means planets.
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