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  1. FlyCasual

    Hardflight - Crash'A'Lot

    Good stuff. Thanks for getting this rolling.
  2. FlyCasual

    LTI discounted Ships, upgrades and items - vahadar's at cost emporium for TESTies

    Thank you @vahadar . Was at that event but did not know about SC then and don't remember seeing the skin. Nice to have a souvenir.
  3. FlyCasual

    CFT Fleet Blob, Saturday July 3 19:45 UTC / 3:45 PM EDT

    Hope to be there. :o7:
  4. FlyCasual

    CFT Seize Illicit Cargo, Saturday June 26 19:45 UTC / 3:45 PM EDT

    This was good fun, thanks wmk and MarcSands.
  5. FlyCasual

    Guys, if you don't hear from me, it's because I've melted.

    One of my favorite moments of being embarassed to be an American was watching a guy scream at the front desk clerk of a Holiday Inn at Nottingham because they did not have air conditioning. He was absolutely convinced it was his god given right as a merican to have AC wherever he went in the...
  6. FlyCasual

    CFT Sneaky Beaky, Saturday June 19 19:45 UTC / 3:45 PM EDT

    Very cool, I should be there.
  7. FlyCasual

    Stories from the Noobfront

    If I ever make it to a Citizencon I am going to give whoever decided asteroids should be the blackest thing in the game a stern talking to.
  8. FlyCasual

    CFT Bomber Escort take 2, Saturday June 5 19:45 UTC / 3:45 PM EDT

    You only You only lose what you have on you. When I head to Cellin to clear after I get a crimestat I strip down to next to nothing and take my 100i out. If I die I die and don't lose anything, if I clear I go reequip and grab another ship. I love my 100i, but it is useless so crime clearing...
  9. FlyCasual

    CFT Bomber Escort, Saturday May 29 19:45 UTC / 3:45 PM EDT

    Was pleased to have my first plant myself into the side of a mountain at an official test event today. Great fun.
  10. FlyCasual

    CFT Bomber Escort, Saturday May 29 19:45 UTC / 3:45 PM EDT

    I should be there. Thanks Marcsand
  11. FlyCasual

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 Megathread

    When I saw its face I bought a redeemer there was no trace of doubt in my mind. I'm in love I bought a redeemer I couldn't ccu her if I tried. Apologies to the Monkees
  12. FlyCasual

    CFT Whale hunters, Saturday May 22 19:45 UTC / 3:45 PM EDT

    I am travelling this weekend and can't make it but have been really enjoying the Saturday events.
  13. FlyCasual

    FAQ about ships, upgrades and insurance for IAE/ILW and general fleet planning

    This is the most useful thing I have ever read vahadar. This really clears up a ton for me. Thanks!
  14. FlyCasual

    2nd Try from an UltraLoser

    Welcome from another new player.
  15. FlyCasual

    CFT - Downed Hammer, Saturday May 1st 19:45 UTC / 3:45 PM EDT

    Was good fun, sorry I had to bail to cook.
  16. FlyCasual

    Stories from the Noobfront

    So I hit a wall in learning to bounty hunt at Hammerheads. Up to that no problem, but in my light fighters I just wasn't getting through the shields on the Hammerheaad. So I saved up and bought the one of the least expensive Vanguards, the Sentinal. I gear it up with a nice quantum drive, better...
  17. FlyCasual

    CFT - Downed Hammer, Saturday May 1st 19:45 UTC / 3:45 PM EDT

    I will try to make this one. I have all light fighters, what should I arm with the attack the bigger ships?
  18. FlyCasual

    Stories from the Noobfront

    So I am still learning to fly and mostly running bounties and on general chat the usual nonsense was going on. Someone begging for cash with a tale of woe and attracted the attention of someone who offered him some money for a whammer burger, the begger continued to beg and make excuses about...
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