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    Bounty Hunting Tiers

    Here is a list of the diffrent bounty hunting tiers (that i have been able to get so far) with the new reputation system and what the pay is for doing them. Hope it helps those who like to run...
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    3.12 refining stations

    Here is a list of the Refining locations and what materials they have specializations on. Hope it helps someone :) If you find any stations ive missed, feel free to poke :) you will recognize a...
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    CIG and Turbulent opens Canadian studio

    TURBULENT CREATES NEW GAME DEVELOPMENT STUDIO IN MONTREAL TO MAKE WORLDS FOR STAR CITIZEN Over the next three years, Turbulent and CIG have plans to grow the studio to 100 developers. ___________________________________________________________________________________...
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    CIG hinting on stargate and pyro? or just part of the video?

    During the Crusader day of the expo, we got this video: View: at 3.02 it shows some quick clips and the adventure continues at 17th of december. one of the pics was noticed by IcaroSP. Could it be that CIG is hinting on stargate coming and pyro? or just wishful...
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    Some fleet building help required

    Im at that stage again where im not sure what to do with my ship buildup. Wondering if anyone here could help me out with some input etc. As im not sure if i have to many duplicate ships or not. As a player i am normaly playing support/pve. Since i suck at dogfighting and pvp in general. - i...
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    Arrving at landing pad 3

    Hey Folks. Like the color yellow, like testing stuff, so why not join test? Going under the nick Makimera, or for short Maki (wich is also my RSI handle) 33 year old, from sweden, working fulltime as a pre-school teacher. Been gaming since before i knew knew basic math. And one of my first...
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