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  1. aftershock2100

    How the hell do you fly this thing now? WTF?

    Alright, maybe I can help. So W is "Strafe Forward" by default, and if you watch your thrusters, once you stop hitting W the front thrusters will start trying to decelerate you. Thats why you are stopping. If you press cruise "C" by default, your ship will maintain its acceleration up to your...
  2. aftershock2100

    Cutlass Black Giveaway

    I needs me one o these!
  3. aftershock2100

    New player struggling with vandel swarm

    If you can, upgrade your ship to an avenger titan. You will not regret it! Otherwise it sounds like you need turn up your mouse sensitivity. I do mouse and KB as well, if its too low you wont maneuver worth shit. If you wanna practice hit me up on discord!
  4. aftershock2100

    Face tracking, my worries and issues.

    Im pretty excited for it. For one, im huge into role-playing and it will go a long way with it, it will go a long way for those who just want immersion as well. Another BIG factor, is think of all the youtube videos and cool content we will now get because of this. Without the need to animate...
  5. aftershock2100

    State of the Squadron 24!

    Where can I get me some of them coasters?
  6. aftershock2100

    [Drama] What happens to poaching orgs like Elysium (ESTE)

    Theyyyy DO realize the game isnt even out yet, and thus you cant declare wars yet right?
  7. aftershock2100

    Hello again! Can I get that freelancer Mis upgrade from the Taurus? After i upgraded everything...

    Hello again! Can I get that freelancer Mis upgrade from the Taurus? After i upgraded everything to the carrack I starting looking misty eyed back at the warhead hose
  8. aftershock2100

    Ship's on buyback no added cost

    Got my Nox ^_^ thankies!
  9. aftershock2100

    Could I get a Nox Kue please? Email is [email protected]

    Could I get a Nox Kue please? Email is [email protected]
  10. aftershock2100

    May I have your attention please.

  11. aftershock2100

    Buybacks available :)

    Thanks a ton Elmy! This carrack is gonna explore new planets and full them with breweries!
  12. aftershock2100

    May I have your attention please.

    Instructions unclear. Got dick stuck in ceiling fan. Got first aid kit, instructions unclear, spiked myself in the ass with a bottle of vodka like i was a watermelon. Went to hospital. Instructions unclear, went on rampage after being released and wound up pissing off the empire state building...
  13. aftershock2100

    Star Citizen Ship Scale Viewer (by Romanito)

    How do you get it to load in VIVE vr?
  14. aftershock2100

    TESTies, how did you think up your current handles?

    A play style i had in warzone 2100. Always coming up after the initial battle with a remedial force that turned out to be unpredictable after the main attack, much like an earthquakes aftershock.
  15. aftershock2100

    D.S.E.T. - Deep Space Exploration Testies

    Currently have a Aquila but looking to up it to a carrack I can add to the cause. All my friends are looking to explore
  16. aftershock2100

    The Foundry 42 team is really growing!

    Test logo in background! I have an erection.
  17. aftershock2100

    Need a short voice recording
  18. aftershock2100

    Computer upgrade advice

    You need at least 8 gigs of ram for star citizen, start there. An SSD will not improve your framerate. Edit: Disregard if that is a 4gb per stick kit. Also, are you running any system monitoring software? If so, shut it off before running any games, it destroys frame rates.
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