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  1. MikeNificent

    Theorycrafting / Question about medical gameplay and large battle logistics:

    What do we do with all of the folks getting fixed up or respawning in our ships? Scenario: RSI Apollo fills up 6 class III beds with wounded from large org battle in deep space. Wounded are stabilized and moved to nearby Endeavor Hope for treatment. Patients are treated. 2nd Apollo shows up...
  2. MikeNificent

    Thrustmaster T. Flight Rudder Pedals need a re-home.

    Edit.. Sold.
  3. MikeNificent

    Newest Testie in Training

    Everyone meet Roger (far right), our newest Testie in Training as of the early morning of May 17, 2018. He is in the arms of his proud and beautiful mother, Seleece. You'll notice his dad on the left is dressed for the occasion in his favorite shirt. TEST BABY BEST BABY!
  4. MikeNificent

    Personal Details: Personal Hangar Check Boxes In Need of Update

    @SeungRyul I'm looking at you right now... How can we tell CIG to update their website when ours is just as outdated? Hmmmmmm? Seriously, it's old. Moar checkboxes please. And snow. Please and thank you.
  5. MikeNificent

    So I just got back from Europe and I have some questions...

    TESTies I just finished up my honeymoon in Europe and I have some serious questions and a few statements. Please feel free to chime in if you have an answer to any or all of these questions. If you are from one of the countries I visited (Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Belgium...
  6. MikeNificent

    Please reproduce if you are in game and have a couple minutes...

    Found a soft spot in the walls in Port Olisar. I was just trying to see if there was porno hidden inside the clerk's copy of "Long Haul Weekly." I'm not ashamed. Anyway, if you're in game and have 5 minutes or so, I would appreciate it if you could pop into Live Fire Weapons and reproduce this...
  7. MikeNificent

    Accidental Racism in 2947... The UEE representative getting interviewed says "...Tevarin are flocking from the UEE to live in..." Inappropriate. Looking at you, UEE representative Heidi Verneri.
  8. MikeNificent

    I'm just here for the lemonade

    Hello All, My handle is MikeNificent. My real name is (I hope) self explanatory :) Where you from stranger? I was born and raised in the pacific northwest and currently live in western WA What drew you to Star Citizen? I was tired of other stuff I was playing so I took a break for a few...
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