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    Dogfight Training (DFT) December 27th 20:00 UTC

    Can't join, no decent ships in AC until they implement in-game purchased ships as flyable within AC. Good luck!
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    Dual Universe - Beta August 27

    I've been waiting for DU for ages and I'll be there on the 27th to pick it up, finally, once beta hits. Happy to take a key off your hands if you're looking to give it to someone who will be active and play the absolute shit out of DU.
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    The Spice Must Flow

    o7 everybody - My name is Schmokey, AKA Dale Cooper, AKA SmokeyDasBear, I'm a 420-friendly pilot of mediocre skill and maximum drunkenness enabled. I'm a gimble whore and patiently waiting for my purchased Corsair to become pewpew
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