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    Ship ownership Poll! Just a quick poll to list what ships you have. All anonymous. Not for any official purposes- I'm just bored and curious.
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    Let *ME* help *YOU* 375 LTI token for 280(plus paypal tax)

    TL:DR- have an LTI Valkyrie that was CCU'd up for a total of 280 spent. I ended up not needing it, so I'm going to melt it for credit for the upcoming IAE sale. Figured I'd offer it here, in case someone wanted $90 off an expensive ship.
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    No Vahadar, I'm too lazy to sell, not to bump :P
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    Whatup Citizens

    Hey All, I'm Lukiferrex (Call me Luke or Luki) living life in Las Vegas. I backed Star Citizen waaaay back when and decided to give it another shot. It's been a lot of fun but, well, I needed some drunken pilots to join me on my misadventures. And by join me, i mean float around and laugh at my...
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