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  1. Doyzer

    Virpil Alphas coming soon. Their website will get crushed when they sell them in a few hours so best of luck. Next Restock Date: 23rd May 2020 Time: ~ 1:00 PM / 1300 UTC (?) Restocked Items: VPC Constellation ALPHA-L Grip VPC Constellation...
  2. Doyzer

    FYI, Carrack still has an upgrade value in buybacks of $500

    Currently, the Carrack has an upgrade value for "old" buybacks of $500 and not $600. There are a couple conditions: You must already have a ??? to Carrack in your hangar and you must have purchased that item before they updated ship upgrade tool (I think they switched around 2019 Anniversary...
  3. Doyzer

    New VKB Kosmosima Space Sim Joystick is released

    ESTIMATED RELEASE: END OF JANUARY 2019 Recommended for the serious player of space simulations, who prefers to fly either from the desk or custom sim pit setup; the addition of the SCG or SCG Premium grip allows for vast customization options, with analog thruster axes and a built-in, lockable...
  4. Doyzer

    WTS LTI ccu'd Ships (All Sold)

    You can also message me on Reddit CowboysFTW (200 confirmed StarCitizen_trades on reddit.) I have about $200 in RSI I want to unload via ccu'd ships. (Paypal Fees included, All prices at Melt Price): All ships will be upgraded from LTI Tokens like Argo, Nox, dragonfly, or 85x depending on...
  5. Doyzer

    (WTB) Carrack To Hull E upgrade

    Thanks Also interested in Prowler to Hull E upgrade. Edit: found one on reddit
  6. Doyzer

    I have sold too many Internet Spaceships

    Where you from stranger? Texas What drew you to Star Citizen? Our Leader Christ Roberts. I remember every year begging my parents for an upgrade to my computer so I could play the newer version Wing Commander/Privateer What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc)...
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