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  1. Hadron Xon

    Good bounty hunting ships?

    As the title says what are some top tier ships in this category? Anyone know how Bounty hunting will work ? Will you be going after ships(elite dangerous) or the people in them ? Meaning i have to board their ships and capture them and engage in fps fire fights ? It's hard to buy a ship for a...
  2. Hadron Xon

    Selling account

  3. Hadron Xon

    Trader Tales

    Just wanted to share a podiobook that inspired me to venture into the world of star citizen. The complete series is free to listen to , If you didn't plan to be a trader in the verse you will after you hear Ishmael's story. Anyway have a listen if you like.Being a bibliophile i always feel the...
  4. Hadron Xon


    Where you from stranger? I am from the bay Islands of Honduras , Currently living in deliverance country Missouri.I don't speak Spanish. Half my family is British the other half belongs to Indians indigenous to the area. So i guess you can say i come from a long line of pirates and savages ...
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