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  1. GameFleek

    What ship would you live in?

    What ship would you rather live in, the Carrack or the Mercury Star Runner and why?
  2. GameFleek

    Liquid Hot Magda Race Event

    I just came across this and thought some of you may be interested in showing how good TEST racing really is. Liquid Hot Magda Saturday, February 8, 202010:00 PM Sunday, February 9, 202012:00 AM Google Calendar ICS EVENT INFO Hi...
  3. GameFleek

    Which color is Best Test color?

    I was debating on the Citron or Golden Shower, I mean Golden Corona colors for my 315P ship. Which color is closest to the Test Yellow?
  4. GameFleek

    Starmap Tools updated! Please Ignore.

    New Updates for Starmap Tool! Smash That like button as hard as you can. Don't forget to subscribe.... Oh, this ain't that type of party?
  5. GameFleek

    When orgs go against our Auroras

    (They are the Enterprise in case you didn't get that part)
  6. GameFleek

    Giveaways all December long!!!

    Hey all! Just letting you know that we are giving away ship packages every Friday on the stream all December long with a special giveaway on the last Friday of the month! Come hangout and win at 9PM CST Monday - Friday! (Special Thanks to Blood0Dragon)
  7. GameFleek

    Freelancer Package giveaway this month!

    Big news! Hope this is the best place to put this, but we have a giveaway! You could be the owner of a brand new Freelancer package with... Wait for it... LTI ! Checkout for more info on Monday.
  8. GameFleek

    Advanced Hunter Package Giveaway this Friday!

    Gamefleek's stream on Twitch has surpassed the 142 follower goal. This Friday, my good friend Blood0Dragon has offered to giveaway and Advanced Hunter Package! That's right, an LTI Avenger Stalker package with Squadron 42 and Star Citizen! Join me this week 9 PM CST to learn more. Rock Raiders...
  9. GameFleek

    TEST members be like...

    This in a Banu Merchant Man
  10. GameFleek

    TEST [CONCERN], Best Concern

    I highly confused and sad about the lack of TEST merchandise at the new CIG office, especially in the RTV set! Disco Lando recently gave a tour of the set and not ONE TEST logo to be found. WTF guys?! Love you all. Send some damn merch!
  11. GameFleek

    What's the difference between a civilian and a citizen? Ignore. No comments. ;)

    Starship Troopers said it best!
  12. GameFleek

    Name Change... say whaaaat?

    Agent021 is now known as GameFleek on RSI and coming soon on . I look forward to being you a good time and some hot ship pron from Star Citizen and other games. If you want to reach me, hit me up on twitter @gamefleek .
  13. GameFleek

    Ship Talk #14: Cargo and Transport Part 1

    LAST UPDATED: December 9, 2015 Written by Agent021 DISCLAIMER: These are our current specifications on paper. Some of this is likely to change during the 3D design and game balancing process over the next 24 months. Despite this, they should give a good indication of the relative features and...
  14. GameFleek

    State of the Squadron Propsal

    Ahoy and greetings all. After noticing the concern levels at high alert again for SOTS 12, I took sometime to reflect on what can be done to bring happiness to all the little boys and girls of TEST. I would like to propose a SOTS volunteer army of members with cameras to help out out Glorious...
  15. GameFleek

    Discord is Down, I repeat, Discord is down!

    According to the discord server website "Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue. Nov 2, 15:38 PST" . Don't not panic.... ok, now you can painc. Movie night!!!!
  16. GameFleek

    Happy Halloween

    Have a fun and safe Halloween kiddos!
  17. GameFleek

    Agent 021

    Ahoy. My name is Agent 021... Well, that's not my name, but you may call me Agent 021. My RSI handle is A021. That may change after the Persistent Universe is released so stay tuned for info at that time. Where you from stranger? I am from Earth, Sol System. More exact would be Tennessee. What...
  18. GameFleek


    Damn you Captain Richards! lol Happy "cake day" Montoya?
  19. GameFleek

    Producers wear TEST colors on 10 for the Producers!

    This 10 for the Producers, they are wearing they're true colors. Black and Yellow!
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