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  1. wmk

    Hercules & Tonk Welcome Party

    They have arrived and they want to play! Let's take 10-20 Starlifters and make a Herk Centipede Racing Track! Take as many Tonks as we can and make an epic tank battle! Date: Tuesday, May 25 Time: 2200 UTC (00:00 CET / 06:00 PM EST / 03:00 PM PST) Location: Everus Harbor (from where we...
  2. wmk

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 - Bengal Carrier

    First, it appeared on the progress tracker, with the planned end date May 21, 2021. Then CIG mentioned "carriers" in the recent Invictus Launch Week announcement. Today, the team teased it on twitter...:
  3. wmk

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 - Nova Tonk Thread

    Tumbril Nova Tonk. 3 weeks to go! * Official Announcement -- Product Brochure -- RSI Pledge Store Page --...
  4. wmk

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 - Hercules Starlifter Thread

    Crusader Hercules Starliter due to be released in around 3 weeks. All aboard hype train! Starlifter Story -- Product Brochure --...
  5. wmk

    Vanguard Warden Distortion Loadout

    Recent dogfight with Sentinel inspired me to change my Warden's armament and see if it allows that heavy fighter to fight at close range. The following is an equivalent to Sentinel's pilot weapons loadout, Size 4 gimbaled (pic #1) and Size 5 fixed (pic #2). I've been flying with the fixed guns...
  6. wmk

    Test Squadron Javelin Hijack, February 2021

    Details of the event --
  7. wmk

    Remember Delamar
  8. wmk

    She's been sober for 6 months...

  9. wmk

    Test Combat Flight Training Oct 17, 2020

  10. wmk

    Demolition Man and the near future

    I just realized something. Demolition Man, 1993 sci-fi movie set in year 2032, already predicted many things, including self-driving cars, video conferencing, voice-activated technology and touch-screen tablets. But there is another correlation between the fiction and year 2020...: in the...
  11. wmk

    GTA V 7th anniversary coming in September

    Am I the only one who launches GTA 5 from time to time just to take a boat for a ride and then visit gentleman's club...? ---- 7 year-old game, still looking good, very cool sandbox, no server crashes, no client crashes...
  12. wmk

    Volvo V60 or Toyota RAV4

    A question to fellow petrolheads: Volvo V60 R-Design Hybrid (197hp + 14hp) or Toyota RAV4 Selection Hybrid AWD (222hp)? Why I am comparing sport station wagon to the compact SUV? -- those are the only interesting options offered by my car lease provider; I have to select my next vehicle, and...
  13. wmk

    Left Handed Joystick With Mouse (HOSAM)

    I've been flying with keyboard + mouse for almost two years in SC. I used to be using Saitek X52 Pro HOTAS in conventional configuration /throttle on the left, stick on the right/, but I had serious problems with aiming -- that's why I switched to kb+m. I'm mainly flying in decoupled mode and I...
  14. wmk

    Test Squadron CFT April 11, 2020 - Sample High Framerate Video

    Cut down to 4:41, selected scenes brightened. Is it bright enough now, @Cugino83, @marcsand2 Looks like Asteroids video game, doesn't it ; )
  15. wmk

    Guilded Multi-Tier Voice Chat Tutorial

    Attached below, v1.0
  16. wmk

    Temperature with 4 fast memory sticks vs. 2 sticks

    I'm going to increase amount of memory in one of my gaming machines from 16GB to 32GB; I have two 8GB sticks in single channel right now /slots A2 & B2/, and they remain very cool even under heavy load; Low temperature is very important to me, and I want to keep it low. The question is: should...
  17. wmk

    Cutlass Red - First Look

    * Work in Progress * In short: 4 bunk beds and 2 med beds Searchlight on a top turret bound to the pilot gimbal, controllable by the co-pilot too 12 SCU cargo in the small cargo hold next to the rear ramp A toilet without doors No top turret guns No missiles Overall a very cool...
  18. wmk

    Test Squadron Rally Team - Calling All Racers

    Calling All Racers! Test Squadron is looking for seasoned and amateur ground racers. We invite all levels of vehicle drivers and bike pilots that want to join us and prepare for the next year's Daymar Rally (2021). If you are new to the Star Citizen ground racing or have already lost all of...
  19. wmk

    Season's Greetings!

  20. wmk

    Looking for Hammerhead to Polaris CCU

    I don't think anyone has a spare one, but it's worth asking. A2 Hercules to Polaris would be fine too. ---- Thanks
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