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  1. DirectorGunner

    Representing TEST in glory!

    I have earned the official glorious title of King of Naive! @55:44 Glory be to TEST!
  2. DirectorGunner

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 Leather Jacket few days away CIG wrote in that post that they will I love free stuff, so, yay, excited for more free stuff!
  3. DirectorGunner

    I was in a Fallout Short film

    Hey! Please check out this short film. I was in it! 😛 I got to play the Prison Town guard, the wondering Raider in the desert, and the .... lol.. the dead NCR Ranger. For not being an actor, I play a dead guy GREAT!
  4. DirectorGunner

    CIG may be wiping dormant prospects from Referral program, a purchase will NOT count!

    Remember when CIG was approaching 3 million players count? I prepared two new accounts using my referral code link, one alt and one I later decided for my Dad in law to try to get citizen number 3 million. The alt was named TESTisBEST because I figured if featured for hitting 3 million that...
  5. DirectorGunner

    I did some amateur voice acting for an SC project!

    I am cast and playing the character Alastor. What ya think?
  6. DirectorGunner

    A love note to my lil' Terrapin

    So there is this valentine's day/Coramor contest RSI is doing again. Was inspired by last year's contest winner, and the only thing I thought of SC related that I would send a...
  7. DirectorGunner

    TEST Division Logos - PNGs and Vectors and 3D files, oh my!

    MINISTRY OF TRUTH DELIVERY Here are our TEST division logos with accompanying Adobe Illustrator Vectors and 3D obj files hosted on Sketchfab. All vectors are zipped and attached to the bottom of the thread post. TEST COLORS TEST yellow #FFBB00 RGB: 255, 187, 0 TEST black-ish #282D33 White...
  8. DirectorGunner

    Ministry of Truth Announcement

    MINISTRY OF TRUTH ANNOUNCEMENT As a Ministry of Truth officer, it is my job to help with TEST propaganda. In the past, I have helped with such things like
  9. DirectorGunner

    I am not a coder, but trying my first ReShade build....

    Here is the forked repo It is a build of ReShade that should allow the use of Depth of Field filters for fancy photos and videos. However, I am not a coder/programmer... and I have been trying to get this working for hours. I installed Visual...
  10. DirectorGunner

    CIG Soxyfox email shows tons of charts and data from concierge backers

    For those of you without self-control, like myself, within the Star Citizen backer ranks of concierge and beyond.... The new Concierge CIG person (not sure of her title) Soxyfox combined all of the survey data she took last year in November...
  11. DirectorGunner

    Problems with BTC Armory, any BTC experts?

    For whatever reason, this happened. My wallet disappeared in BTC Armory but I kept my paper backup/fragments and I can't find my original private keys. I was able to restore my wallet in the software but the private keys it generated show a zero f-ing balance. When I check one of my P2SH-P2WPKH...
  12. DirectorGunner

    Worst timing on a decision I have seen from CIG so far

    The timing of this is about the dumbest decision I have seen from CIG I do not agree with it and think it could use some more attention. This is along the same lines as the...
  13. DirectorGunner

    Operation: Borrow an Idris

    UPDATE 2: Looks like the Idris might be steal-able after all. UPDATE: TRAGIC NEWS! View: The UEE Patrol Idris in 3.12 will not be able to be taken over. CIG is faking the Idris, it will have no internals for 3.12. An investigation should be made, however...
  14. DirectorGunner

    Nomad Links
  15. DirectorGunner

    CDS Heavy Marine Cosplay video spot

    If you want to give me a vote-zies or read about my insane journey. Star Citizen cosplay heavy marine, by Clark Defense Systems.
  16. DirectorGunner

    SOLVED Digital Bounty Hunter or cheapest LTI game package

    Howdy, I bought my wife the Package - Digital Bounty Hunter - LTI years ago so she would have LTI when the game is ready to play. My son is getting older and so I am looking for the cheapest game package I can find that comes with LTI. All the spare game packages I have in my buyback are...
  17. DirectorGunner

    1st wave of vanduul masks have been dispersed

    So lock up your daughter, Lock up your wife, Lock up your back door, Run for your life! The Vanduul are back in town!
  18. DirectorGunner

    Like wiffleball? My friend is attempting a Guinness world record

    So I live in Vegas and met my friend Adam as a producer years ago... He's doing a Guinness world record for wiffleball right now and so I would like to share Here's the info on the record They are currently 5...
  19. DirectorGunner

    Help finding niche Displayport Splitter.

    So here is the scenario I have ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1080ti Acer Predator XB273K Gpbmiipprzx monitor AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K (GC573) The monitor will do 4K HDR at 120hz (supposedly, I have been only doing 60hz via HDMI cables) via DisplayPort 1.4 The capture card will capture 4Kp60 HDR10...
  20. DirectorGunner

    ESO CP 300 Community Grind

    Saturday, Sep 26 2:00pm – 6:00pm PDT 9pm-1am UTC Calendared event in Guilded For your convenience in keeping track of the event if you have Guilded. If you don't have Guilded, you should...
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