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  1. Zookajoe

    Ship Weapon choices in the Era of capacitors (patch 3.14 and beyond)

    Try the Dev Page of Erkul.
  2. Zookajoe

    Trading Cargo haulers rejoice! (3.8 spoiler)

    Here are the sites I use: Galactic Logistics SC Trade Tools Versemate
  3. Zookajoe

    Space combat: Where does it end...

    Perhaps what CIG refers to as Laser Weapons are actually a type of laser charged ions. Which could explain the speed and range we are seeing?
  4. Zookajoe

    TEST Commercial for 2951

    I can see it now: Testies moshing in a bar, there is a bit of a dust up with the locals and here comes the blue light specials (aka cops). Cut scene to Testies piling into various ships (Drake predominately shown) and flying off. Cut scene to Testies continuing the party on a 890J, up in the...
  5. Zookajoe

    Soooo new July sub rewards are useless paints ?!!

    I subscribe to fund the project (I have quit buying ships, got a dozen ships and only fly 2-3 of them). The Flair has always been kinda "meh" to me.
  6. Zookajoe

    TSMC That's The Shenanigans For Me

    Interested, but attendance upon Event Coordinators approval. It is BBQ season after all, and if she is happy, we all are happy. (IE, Sunday afternoons are best).
  7. Zookajoe

    Railen cargo hauler!

    From what I have been able to find. Yes, 1 for small, 2 for medium, and 3 for large. There will also be different types of blades: Salvaging, Exploration, Smuggling, etc... Think Tony Z spoke on it and I also saw something from Supermacbrother: View:
  8. Zookajoe

    Songs to listen to while you fly your Aurora.

    Not sure about Aurora, but this is what I am listening to while mining in my Prospector. Has a nice "Firefly" vibe to it... View:
  9. Zookajoe

    I did something terrible...

    Ya know? Yer not wrong on that.
  10. Zookajoe

    Railen cargo hauler!

    I see it as a good alternative. Want a mid-sized bulk cargo hauler? If it is in safe space, then Hull-B would be the logical choice, very inexpensive to operate and two medium shields should suffice. If it is in unsafe space, then the Railen with its much beefier two large shields and...
  11. Zookajoe

    New Overage and Demand of Commodities in newest update 13.3.1

    I logged in and no joy. Seems those get picked up so fast, that unless you are waiting, they are gone. Maybe after Invictus Week.
  12. Zookajoe

    New Overage and Demand of Commodities in newest update 13.3.1

    Haulers, seems we are getting a new update coming: Overage and Demand. Now we can buy low and sell high when it comes to cargo hauling, have seen several vids on it: View:
  13. Zookajoe

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 - Hercules Starlifter Thread

    To answer the question. There is a access button lit in green on both the front and the rear ramp. Mid-ship port side, I believe, is another for a lift.
  14. Zookajoe

    Finally made my first million aUEC

    Ships and armor/weapons do persist from patch to patch, or at least mine have. It just shows up as another ship you own on the Kiosk.
  15. Zookajoe

    Carrack "Test" Armour

    So, apparently in 3.13.1 PTU, the Carrack comes with several sets of "Test" Armour. Test Armour
  16. Zookajoe

    New Hire

    Welcome to Beer, pull up a Test and have a seat. Or, something like that. Need moar coffee...
  17. Zookajoe

    This was very well done!

  18. Zookajoe

    Star Citizen refeul and repair updates - Inside Star Citizen

    A patch job would be considered a "quick fix" something to get you by until you can get it repaired properly. It is something temporary and of lower quality/durability than the surrounding material or original material. A patch job for a broken fanbelt used to be to use pantyhose as a...
  19. Zookajoe

    Star Citizen refeul and repair updates - Inside Star Citizen

    Some things get better with age? Even beer, though I take this from what others have said. Seems my beer never has time to age...
  20. Zookajoe

    ROC DS (AKA ROC 2.0)

    What would make me want to own this vehicle would be if the cabin fit both occupants and was a nice pressurized, climate controlled environment. As well as having TWO Size 0 mining lasers, each controlled by one of the occupants, that if used in concert, would crack the same size rock as a Size...
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