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  1. Zookajoe

    New Overage and Demand of Commodities in newest update 13.3.1

    Haulers, seems we are getting a new update coming: Overage and Demand. Now we can buy low and sell high when it comes to cargo hauling, have seen several vids on it: View:
  2. Zookajoe

    Carrack "Test" Armour

    So, apparently in 3.13.1 PTU, the Carrack comes with several sets of "Test" Armour. Test Armour
  3. Zookajoe

    This was very well done!

  4. Zookajoe

    SecretLab Gaming Chairs - opinions?

    Hey fellow Testies! Got a friend of mine that is going to need a new gaming chair. Seems his lab puppy loved his old chair, found it delicious... So, I have an OPSeat, but they are not out of business. Is Secretlab chairs any good? Also, what have you found to be good gaming chairs? We are...
  5. Zookajoe

    Test Themed Novikov suits

    So, apparently there is a Test version of the Novikov environmental suit. Nice!
  6. Zookajoe

    Don't let this happen to you, a PSA.

    This morning the unthinkable happened. I accidentally bumped THE coffee cup, sending it crashing into the sink, knocking a chip out of the rim. But gentle readers, that is not the worst of my crimes. I tumbled it into a sink full of hot, soapy water. I felt a great disturbance, as if...
  7. Zookajoe

    Carrack as an assualt craft

    I was thinking about this earlier today: how would the Carrack fair as an assault craft? It can carry up to three snub fighters for air cover, drop down and unload two Rovers as APC's with a 4+ assualt team each, and still provide added cover fire with its turrets. An added bonus is it can...
  8. Zookajoe

    What will be your Carrack loadout?

    Was watching LawoftheWests video on what will fit in a Carrack, along with Camurals video on what will fit. I think I will probably go with the Pisces in the top hanger, with a Rover and two Dragonflies in the ramp hangar. So, what vehicles do you feel would be best for your Carrack loadout?
  9. Zookajoe

    Trading Cargo haulers rejoice! (3.8 spoiler)

    Yes my big rig friends, we have a reason to rejoice in Star Citizen. Now when a 30k hits, you no longer lose your ship (you and it automatically respawn back at the last port you visited with EZ Habs), and more importantly...CARGO IS PERSISTENT! Yes, you heard right, now when the server...
  10. Zookajoe

    Verrrrry Interesting.

    Hummm, the criminal/bounty hunter aspect is getting VERY interesting!
  11. Zookajoe

    Star Citizen: Advanced Flight Tutorial 3.7.1

    Okay, actually saw something on this that I was not aware of. So thought I would share, especially for the newer folks: Advanced Flight Tutorial 3.7.1
  12. Zookajoe

    Ooooh, statistics!

    Playable Now, The Stats
  13. Zookajoe

    Useful Spreadsheets for 3.7

    Browsing around and found some useful spreadsheets on items and where to find them. As well as the new FPS attachments and their benefits: Zeus Incredibly Useful Star Citizen Spreadsheet that he spent way too much time on Star Citizen 3.7 FPS Data StarCitizen 3.7 Trading and Items SalteMike...
  14. Zookajoe

    Industry Ships with Advanced Sensors Suite can detect minerals. UPDATED 10/13/19

    Been doing some pretty thorough testing. Seems that ships other than Prospectors can scan and detect minerals, so you can FPM them. NOTE: Of the three ships that can detect resources, only the Prospector breaks it down into whether it is Ore or Minerals before you arrive at the resource. It...
  15. Zookajoe

    First Person Mining: The Basics. Updated.

    Thought I would throw this out there for those that are interested, as pertains to First Person Mining: Greycat Multi-tool (this includes the Orebit attachment for mining): Levski, Lorville, and Area18 NOTE: You may also find the Quickflare glowsticks at these areas as well. MaxFlex Rucksack...
  16. Zookajoe

    New Stanton Livery...Test Colors

    Oh yeah, they got Test Colors for ships:
  17. Zookajoe

    Ship Database

    Not sure if this is really gospel, but it is the best source for ship stats that I have been able to find: Star Citizen Data Base I got started on looking for this when people were complaining that the Cutty Black was getting one shotted. Also, was wondering which would be a better overall...
  18. Zookajoe

    Star Citizen Ship Loadout Calculator

    Not sure where to put this, or if it has been shown before, but thought I would drop it here so folks can pimp their ride: PIPS and DPS Calculator
  19. Zookajoe

    Does a dedicated Dropship need Quantum Drive or Jump Drive?

    I was contemplating this while reading some posts on Spectrum about how the Valkyrie should have a cargo capacity. Dropships are normally deployed from a mother vessel or forward base, do they really need to have QD and JD? From what I have been able to find, the Kraken and Javelin can carry...
  20. Zookajoe

    Industry My crappy little Asteroid Mining 3.3.0 vid

    Thought I would do a short video on asteroid mining. Something I have noticed is that when you ping with your scanner, it does not always show a box where the ore is, it just pops up with the range. From what I have seen, you must be 10km or closer to pick up a mineable asteroid. First time...
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