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  1. Carlos Spicyweiner

    5 years in TEST!!

    Where do I re-enlist! Thanks for having me, you magnificent bastards!! BEER!!
  2. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Need advice on new Star Citizen computatin' contraption, also a PSA

    First the PSA: In early March, I was forced by the microsoft gestapo to "update" my 5 year old MSI/Cooler Master computer. It wasn't much, but it ran SC 3.8 and DCS at a decent FPS. After the update, I started getting this nagging little message in the corner that said "windows is not...
  3. Carlos Spicyweiner

    I did a thing!(and took a picture!)

    I did Ruto's "clean up the bodies" mission and forgot to dump the bodies in space, so I put one at the elevator of a 600i that was on the pad at P.O., and I dropped the other one off at admin! The look on the guy's face was priceless!
  4. Carlos Spicyweiner

    I need booze money!

    So I took a job selling ships at the space port! What the hell is all this gibberish? I quit! This should work more better! A few hours later... Just a little shit post to inspire you to never give up on your goals!!! I'm (mostly)living proof that you can make space bucks in SC!!!
  5. Carlos Spicyweiner

    I’ve been here for 3 years!

    Dang! That’s longer than my longest romantic entanglement! You people are more fun than sex(at least until I learn how to do it right)!
  6. Carlos Spicyweiner

    What I Did On My Christmas Vacation(By Carlos Spicyweiner, 3rd grade)

    Okay, You got two weeks off, what do you? No, not Disneyland, and Vegas is for sissies! You go to Levski, of course! Here's what I did on my mini-vaca, in pictures! First things first! Drinks at the cafe! Little known fact: No matter how many times you chest bump Miles Eckart, he only says...
  7. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Thanks Munken!

    Munken spent about 45 minutes of his Saturday helping me get up on Discord voice comms! Now you may all enjoy the dulcet, angelic tones of my mellifluous voice as I fly, fight(poorly)and run away throughout the universe! It's gonna be magical!
  8. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Orion or Reclaimer?(I have enough beer for now)

    Had my heart set on a Reclaimer at first, but I'm starting to wonder if there isn't more rocks than wrecks in the 'verse! I know nothing about operating costs versus profit potential for either ship. The only basis I have to make a sound business decision is, the Reclaimer looks cooler.
  9. Carlos Spicyweiner

    GTX 1070 setup?

    A few weeks ago, I dropped in said GTX 1070(replacing a 960)and fired up Arena Commander to check it out(all in-game graphics settings maxed out)and it was freakin' magnificent! But in the PU, there is no discernible difference. I admit I know virtually nothing about this stuff, but logic...
  10. Carlos Spicyweiner

    coolers and powerplants in voyager direct

    Does anyone know what size they are or what they fit, or if they even work in the game yet?
  11. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Why do I have a Gladius now?

    Did anyone else wake up on Monday, pour a cup of coffee(or beer), stumble out into the, HANGAR, and find a brandy new Gladius parked there? Not complaining!
  12. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Don't buy 3k UEC worth of Oshi fish!

    I had 3000 UEC sitting in my account for months, so I decided on some more fish. So I buy what I thought was three of them, thinking only 1 of them will show up in my aquarium, because that's what it says on the website, right? I think there is about 30 of them in there. It looks like there...
  13. Carlos Spicyweiner

    So there I was, and this is a no shitter...

    Running, I mean, going home after an evening out at Kareah, and I jumped a little off from Port Olisar and was grazing the upper atmosphere of Crusader, but when I looked down... Almost looks like you could land there, huh? I'm thinking of taking an Aurora down as far as I can...
  14. Carlos Spicyweiner

    LH-86 Combustion Handgun

    Anyone have one of these? Is it worth 10,000 space bucks?
  15. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Coming in with the ship on fire, and my hair too!

    Just a couple shots to show the result of a high speed dogfight collision between my connie and a freelancer. That lancer hit me HARD(but it killed him, #WINNING!)set off every alarm on the ship, so I figured a jump would either blow up the ship or get me home. Yes, I am awesome.
  16. Carlos Spicyweiner

    My EZ hab pod is filthy!

    Has anyone else noticed that if you keep re-spawning in the EZ hab, it gets progressively more unsanitary? I just woke up surrounded by 8 rolls of toilet paper, at least 6 empty beer cans, an empty whiskey bottle, two partially eaten Big Benny's and some dirty magazines! I always expected space...
  17. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Trade in my Freelancer DUR for an Aquila?

    The title says it all. This has been eating at me all day to the point where I almost had to do some work to get my mind off it. Exploration is kind of my bread and butter, I practice dog fighting because it's shaping up to be that kind of 'verse, but I suck at it and the learning curve is...
  18. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Hey I come, ready or not

    Where you from stranger? Earth originally...specifically South Florida, which is good training for outer space. What drew you to Star Citizen? Unemployment and looking for a change of scenery...then I realized this is a game, and I've spent my last couple hundred bucks on digital spaceships and...
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