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  1. Carlos Spicyweiner

    3.15 is going to bring a Server Wipe!

    I’m fine with it as long as I can keep my Aztalan armor. That stuff makes my butt look fabulous.
  2. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Ship Showdown - Argo MPUV

    I bought both variants of the MPUV when they came out. I’ve only used them for a few things, but mainly they were LTI tokens until I started using my imagination. At first I would do ARGO air shows at Olisar, just doing rolls and loops through the rings waiting for someone to say “wow, that guy...
  3. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Railen cargo hauler!

    That will require ZERO adaptation, as I frequently do that now IRL.
  4. Carlos Spicyweiner

    [LEAK] Argo R.A.F.T. a new Argo cargo ship

    R.A.F.T.= RAGGEDY ASS FREAKIN’ TRANSPORT. And I will have one, damn it!
  5. Carlos Spicyweiner

    I await your approval.

    You'll LOVE the LN! It flies and fights like Aurora! I like to take mine out bounty hunting sometimes, but I replace the 4-4-2 missile rack with a 4-1-4. Nobody expects an Aurora to be packing an S4 missile, and the only disadvantage is you got to skedaddle once you fire that...
  6. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Fan made Aegis 8min video! WATCH IT!

    CIG should see this too!
  7. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

    I see these things every night on my 2nd or 3rd beer run. They're just lost TEST Auroras. Hell, I saw a video of one crashing into the sea. Need any further proof? Also, expect sightings to increase as we get closer to Invictus Week!
  8. Carlos Spicyweiner

    RSI Scorpius - New heavy fighter!

    Damn it. There goes my Sentinel...again.
  9. Carlos Spicyweiner

    So this is what Crusader looks like

    This may help from a scientific point of view: View:
  10. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Creature finally incoming into the 'verse??

    This is me after I see a “Boreal Stalker”
  11. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Scotch TEST Dummies?!

    I went through an extensive scotch evaluation seminar that lasted for almost 2 minutes. I asked a colleague with a well known drinking problem to recommend some different scotch whiskeys, and his answer was "only the single malts, idiot". So these are my favorite single malts: Glenmorangie...
  12. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Any RL scientists in the house?

    Coincidence! I have USED various chemicals on myself while "experimenting"(mostly in my youth. I have since turned professional)
  13. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    I named my Hammerhead Mano Khikihi, which is Hawaiian for Hammerhead Shark(I hope). LOL, I'll have people googling that for months!😈☠
  14. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    So far so good: MSR- Inquisitive Manta Ray 600i- Moana Kilo Hoku(Ocean Navigator) RECLAIMER- Fluffy Bunny Nom Nom CARRACK- Filthy Lucre HAMMERHEAD- Mano Khikihi(Hammerhead Shark) I did use the TSS prefix because I want all of my victims to know exactly who it was that rammed them and then...
  15. Carlos Spicyweiner

    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    I named my MSR TSS Inquisitive Manta Ray, because it's gonna snoop around for data and flappy off into the ocean of space...looking like a Manta Ray.
  16. Carlos Spicyweiner

    opinion, will the M2 Hercules be worth buying? i bought the upgrade but haven't applied it yet

    After much deliberation and research, I purchased a C2 for 2 reasons: 1) So shiny and pretty!! 2) View:
  17. Carlos Spicyweiner

    My Stockholm syndrome holding strong - 5y

  18. Carlos Spicyweiner

    35 seconds Idris Kill

    Classic! I wannabe fat ass!
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