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  1. Devil Dog Hog

    I knew it....Montoya's a bot as well.

    I concur, this is obviously a bot of the real Montoya, he wouldn't be caught drunk in anything other than an Aurora.
  2. Devil Dog Hog


    Let’s face facts, Duncan Idaho played by Jason Momoa is just the best, and in the books Duncan gets reincarnated like 5 times with clones. So if they do make more it better have Jason Momoa.
  3. Devil Dog Hog

    Some absolute madlads flew into the Stanton_(star)

    I wonder how far out from microtech you can fly in the opposite direction before hitting the room wall. I remember being able to point my ship towards the great beyond and activate QT before we could only lock in to nav points. Always got a couple million KM out before it would drop me from the...
  4. Devil Dog Hog

    Crypto discussion

    Thats why I only invest in UEC.
  5. Devil Dog Hog

    Crypto discussion

    In case of a nuclear disaster (from all that spent nuke fuel mining crypto coins) we can still burn money to keep us warm, but can you burn crypto?
  6. Devil Dog Hog

    I hate 30k errors!!!!!

    It's because CR is secretly using us to actually crypto mine those rocks and that 30k was just the market melting down from El Salvador's announcement.
  7. Devil Dog Hog

    Crypto discussion

    El Salvador makes cryptocurrency legal tender . . .🤨 . . . .😑 . . .one of the most corrupt countries in Central America . . . 🤔 . . . 🤭 . . . 😄😁😆😅😂🤣🤣😝😜🤪🤣🙃🤣😆😆😆🤮🤮🤣 . . .*WHEW* Sorry, I needed a good laugh after the week I had. So lemme get this straight, a corrupt country that has poor...
  8. Devil Dog Hog

    Application to TEST organisation by nubcaek

    yea yea, welcome to test, blah blah blah. DID YOU BRING BEER?!! We ran out like 3 welcome threads ago and were getting hella-parched from saying "welcome to test, welcome to test." I need to welcome my throat to some suddsey liquird refreshment. Oh, and FYI, all org dues are paid for in beer...
  9. Devil Dog Hog

    2nd Time's a Charm. Howdy Ya'll!

    Where you from stranger? North Carolina This man gets my vote for simply just being in the same state as our glorious leader and still actually wanting to join.
  10. Devil Dog Hog

    Memorial Day - Thanks for your service.

    To those who came before me and showed me the path, to those who walked beside me and helped me along my path, and to those who followed behind me and never made it off the path, I remember you, I remember you all, and I'll make sure while there is still air in my lungs and voice to be heard I...
  11. Devil Dog Hog

    Have we ever done a full server photo?

    Could we do it while blotting out the sun?
  12. Devil Dog Hog

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 Megathread

    She did, just dont ask me where she made me hold the beer. . . damn I love that woman.
  13. Devil Dog Hog

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 Megathread

    Challenge accepted. It'll be like my wedding night when the wife pulled out the strapon "Oh shit."
  14. Devil Dog Hog

    Tony Zurovec update on Quanta: Back End Wizardry

    I feel like I just had someone explain something deep and meaningful to me that will change my perspective on life and give me an epiphany on the secrets to the universe, but I was too hung over to actually understand despite me trying desperately to follow the conversation. I just know its...
  15. Devil Dog Hog

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 Megathread

    Just think of all the Auroras we can launch from these Polaris to blot out the sun and attack our enemies. It will be epic.
  16. Devil Dog Hog

    Farewell Miura Sensei

    Well gents, theres only one thing to do. Lets mount an expedition for the Behelit and pick a fight with the God Hand for Kentaro-sempi's soul, the fate of Berserk is at hand.
  17. Devil Dog Hog

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 Megathread

    Get the Polaris upgrade, sit on it or sell it back, then turn around and buy the perseus upgrade and sit on it or sell it back so you can buy more indecisiveness later on in the week.
  18. Devil Dog Hog

    Invictus Launch week - Polaris not limited?

    It also alot cheaper than it was last year. Now $750 compared to the previous $900.
  19. Devil Dog Hog

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

    I for one vote we do what any good pilot in Star Citizen would do when encountering something new and unusual. . . .SHOT FIRST AND RAM IT!
  20. Devil Dog Hog

    Wth did I just watch?

    We did this once on the range during a night fire with an M-16A2, got the barrel red hot and bent it. Armory wasnt too happy with us. It was awsome!
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