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  1. Devil Dog Hog


    Sorry for the short trigger on this, but if you are a fan of Katee Sackhoff (played Starbuck in BSG and Bo Katan in Mandalorian) and a vet then go check this out. Its a Zoom meeting for today at 1pm EST in the usa.
  2. Devil Dog Hog

    Flashback five years

    Holy cow, talk about time flies. Found this interview that @Montoya had with BoredGamer five years ago. I like to think that we've stayed true to the TEST soul. Raise a beer my friends, and toast to still being a bunch of care-free maniacs with no goal in life and too much time on our hands for...
  3. Devil Dog Hog


    Allow me to raise my stein and pledge a toast to all you SOB's out there who sacrifice valuable game time to spend it with your kids, or better yet, force your kids to play video games with you. My brother once told me when we were comparing who's was bigger that until I'm a dad, I just wont get...
  4. Devil Dog Hog

    Yo DJ! Spin that wheel and drop that beat!

    So I've been amazed at the number of people participating in Fortnight non-game events ( like the Marshmello Rave of 10 million attendees and Travis Scotts Concert...
  5. Devil Dog Hog

    IM BREAKING OUT! Who's coming with me?

    I cant take it anymore! every day its break big rocks into little rocks. To make matters worse, the beer tastes like water in here. In fact, I'm pretty sure it IS water! Well I've had enough, I'm bustin out of this two bit, three ring circus and I'm taking any prisoners (pun intended). I swear...
  6. Devil Dog Hog

    Behold the Power of the Aurora Swarm!

    Check these guys out. Let the Auroras rain down upon thee like a plague of locusts. View:
  7. Devil Dog Hog

    Division 2 for $3.00 USD

    Found this on the epic games store and at the u-play store, Division 2 is for only $3.00 until March 3rd, 2020.
  8. Devil Dog Hog

    If TEST ran a cruise line on the 890 jump...

    View: This just screams to be machinima series in star citizen.
  9. Devil Dog Hog

    Argo Mole Dig & Ditch Pack Package Structure

    So I've been eyeballing that warbond Argo Mole Dig & Ditch Pack for $375.00 US dollars. What I like about it is that you can get both the Argo Mole and the Freelancer Max with LTI. The Mole currently goes for $275.00 as a stand alone LTI, which means at $375 your getting a Freelancer Max for...
  10. Devil Dog Hog

    H O L Y C R A P O L A

    I'm speechless View:
  11. Devil Dog Hog

    CIG BLEEDING MONEY?!?! Not according to their financial statement.

    So i come across this article, , and cant help but wonder where his source is. Last I checked, CIG had a good year with funding in 2018...
  12. Devil Dog Hog

    Beer Insulated Slap Wrap Coozie

    I want one of these.
  13. Devil Dog Hog

    Carrack 3.8? No no no, you mis-heard me...

    What I said was CARROT 3.8, I was going to offer you a carrot, but now I'm gona hit you with this stick! See, that's how I roll. I say give me money, you refuse, I offer you a carrot, you give me money, I throw away the carrot and step on it in front of you, smile, and then I hit you with a...
  14. Devil Dog Hog

    503 Service Temporarily Unavailable?!

    Anyone else think they got drunk and pushed the big shiney red button a little to soon?
  15. Devil Dog Hog


    Congrats on finally hitting the want-ads (lol). Serious though, only $3780, I thought we could at least get an easy $4000 for your mouth! Lets give 3 beers to our glorious...
  16. Devil Dog Hog

    Exploration Extracting the map data from "My Radar"

    So I'm sure a bunch of you out there know that the "My Radar" app has partnered with CIG to display the three moons of Crusader as globes with digital imagery. Is there any TEST members out there that know how we can extract that data to use on the PC, maybe even overlay it onto google earth...
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