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  1. LiterallyAlty

    Attention TEST: You are toxic, dysfunctional and in complete disarray!

    "By ---------------: We no longer have ties to TEST and its Toxic and twisted ways! That is one very messed up group of people for the most part. Completely disfunctional and in complete disarray. This Org lives for Drama and trouble. I highly recommend avoiding ANY TEST member in future. Things...
  2. LiterallyAlty

    Quick PSA/Clarification Regarding TEST "Allies/Partners/Affiliates"

  3. LiterallyAlty

    VirtualAss threatens Montoya and all 13,000 members of TEST!

    He's definitely not virtually an ass.
  4. LiterallyAlty

    Planning: Training Ops for 3.0

    Learning how we'll need to make coordinating landing at arbitrary locations will definitely need organized time. While we can get some benefit from any impromptu flights, having red vs blue ops will help more.
  5. LiterallyAlty

    Division idea: Torpedo Delivery Services

    For those debating railgun function: The projectile is usually seated in a conductive armature. The armature conducting current from one rail to the other results in a linear force on the armature and projectile via the Lorentz force. So, the projectile doesn't even need to be conductive and...
  6. LiterallyAlty

    State of the Squadron 23!

    Ok, so I kept wondering how midget spinners were more common than midgets. This makes more sense now.
  7. LiterallyAlty

    [Discussion] Divisions of TEST - Brainstorm
  8. LiterallyAlty

    [T3] Misconceptions of TEST

  9. LiterallyAlty

    [T3] Misconceptions of TEST

    Speaking of necro threads...
  10. LiterallyAlty

    [T3] Misconceptions of TEST

    Other myths about us include that we're literally all of EVE coming to Star Citizen, and that somehow we're going to make this game into EVE 2.0 Yeah... obviously false to anyone that's made it partway through the EVE tutorial. Let alone become familiar with rudimentary nullsec politics such as...
  11. LiterallyAlty

    Fun RSI drama!

    Deep down, he already knows what he is. Take a quantum of solace, in that. =D
  12. LiterallyAlty

    Fun RSI drama!

    That thread is likely to repeat in the next few months. Egad, the tinfoil is real. I do hope that we can do some good when it comes to mustering numbers for testing persistent ships.
  13. LiterallyAlty

    [POLL] Aurora TEST fleet research&examination

    Through a series of CCUs, what was an Aurora MR is likely to become a Cutlass at some point in the future. Currently, it's a Reliant Kore which may end up at least as a Skirmisher. I do have a Taurus, though. That's basically a giant Aurora, though it may eventually become a BMM.
  14. LiterallyAlty

    State of the Squadron 20!

    These are at least on par with, or even better than, Elise Randolph's morale posts. For those not familiar with those, this is high praise.
  15. LiterallyAlty

    Piracy [In-Game Occupation] Let's raise the Black Flag! (TEST Piracy)

    One person's terrorism is another person's commandeering. Starliners are going to be expensive, after all.
  16. LiterallyAlty

    Piracy [In-Game Occupation] Let's raise the Black Flag! (TEST Piracy)

    I meant more in terms of pulling off stealth shenanigans. Like... disabling power and life support, while venting the passenger compartment.
  17. LiterallyAlty

    Piracy [In-Game Occupation] Let's raise the Black Flag! (TEST Piracy)

    I look forward to seeing what game mechanics allow, especially from the perspective of a passenger on transports. =D
  18. LiterallyAlty

    TEST general meeting Saturday 24th 2pm ET

    I gave up on trying to listen to the recorded broadcast. Is there a transcript, or an edited version without all the donation alerts?
  19. LiterallyAlty

    Is non capital multicrew worth a dime in battle?

    Wow, I don't tend to see this kind of forum trolling aside from CCP Punkturis.
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