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  1. Arrangingstars

    o7 From North Carolina

    Welcome Veldruk! A lot of us have gone down the rabbit hole of building a PC for Star Citizen, welcome to the club!
  2. Arrangingstars

    Hey all, I'm new here!

    Welcome Dweezel! Hey, the Freelancer is pretty sexy and yeah the P-72 will be interesting to try racing in. @Shive is our MVP Racer.
  3. Arrangingstars

    [T3] Misconceptions of TEST

    TEST has no grils. :nerd:
  4. Arrangingstars

    Seung Appreciation Thread

    Thanks Seung! :heart_eyes:
  5. Arrangingstars

    I'm In

    Awesome! Well once the game gets a bit more established we'll be setting up all sorts of stuff!
  6. Arrangingstars

    Help pick my new company logo

    Done, good luck with the business venture! Sounds pretty awesome!! You'll have plenty of willing TESTers here I'm sure. ;)
  7. Arrangingstars

    TESTies, how did you think up your current handles?

    Honestly no idea, but I know Star Citizen inspired it lol
  8. Arrangingstars

    Happy Birthday to our Glorious Leader

    Also why is my above photo so huge.......... DAYUM.
  9. Arrangingstars

    Happy Birthday to our Glorious Leader

    I tried to look as excited as facially possible.
  10. Arrangingstars

    Job boards & Crew recruitment?

    I do think it's a great idea, but as you said Spectrum will likely have it covered. The only real concerns I would have is firstly, getting this area on the forum put together and hardly anyone using it. And also, like Printimus mentioned, wading through posts or having to search keywords...
  11. Arrangingstars

    Hey Y'all

    Welcome, welcome! :tropical_drink:
  12. Arrangingstars


  13. Arrangingstars

    Germaican joining the Testforce

    Welcome! You should totally join us on Discord :grin: :hugging:
  14. Arrangingstars

    Update without drama and popcorn: on a personal note

    Firstly, I'm really sorry it didn't work out well with your previous org. It always sucks when you make a home for yourself but become detached later on. Hopefully TEST will become a great home for you guys for the foreseeable future, and hopefully forever. We have our flaws, like any org, but...
  15. Arrangingstars

    PAX EAST 2017!!! Who is gonna be there? [POLL]

    Update: Ended up snatching tickets for Saturday as well so I'll be there all three days!! \o/
  16. Arrangingstars

    I joined the best squad, but what happened next will surprise you...

    Haha.. Nice post. Well, most of us TESTies are not good at most things except drinking so it sounds like you're on the right track. ;) Btw. We have discord which is the VOIP (voice/text chat). If you'd like to join us on it, just go here: and then on the forums...
  17. Arrangingstars

    Ship Giveaway - Celebrating 2 years of Rock Raiders - Winner announced Page 6

    Still one of my favorite "happy accident" photos.
  18. Arrangingstars

    PAX EAST 2017!!! Who is gonna be there? [POLL]

    Friday and Sunday for me! Wish I had Saturday tickets but oh well.
  19. Arrangingstars

    Conan Exiles: Official PvP Server

    We have some current TESTies who have a temporary private server up. I don't know if it's more stable or not than official, and they said until Crake's server gets going, but yeah. They were welcoming us onto it. Motown and Paratus are their names in Discord. :)
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