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  1. Azmodeth

    Great news! TEST members get 10% off Star Citizen models from JRF

    I'll wait until they have a Vanguard, then I'll buy ! Just hope it's at least 12" in length
  2. Azmodeth

    Ship prices in UEC

    You don't think someone, could potentially just be REALLY good at making money in the game and get them on their own ? people in Eveonline used to say stuff like that until eventually people were buying their own titans and making them all over the place. Never mind fitting them usually cost...
  3. Azmodeth

    [WTB] Retaliator Front cargo and rear living module LTI

    is LTI an absolute ?
  4. Azmodeth


    does this happen often ?
  5. Azmodeth

    No longer valid.

    I'll take it ! How much ?
  6. Azmodeth

    Ship prices in UEC

    however, end game ships will still be a serious commitment to get ingame for balance reasons, but the path from one starter to the next etc.. will be more fluid of course.
  7. Azmodeth

    Other Divisions of TEST Squadron

    what about Aurora delivery services ?
  8. Azmodeth

    Ship prices in UEC

    personally I like the long waits, because if you end up somewhere far, you really are somewhere else and far away, it adds to that feeling you have gone somewhere, and makes it more meaningful. However I can see it being an issue in cities if you have a 1 hour play session and can't get anything...
  9. Azmodeth

    Ship prices in UEC

    yeah more like a exponential function
  10. Azmodeth

    Best way to increase your UEC by game release

    buy IDRIS or Jav or Polaris or Hull-E or Endeavor to make big $$$ selling it ingame. Those ships will be worth magnitudes more per RL $ UEC wise compared to the low end ship like an Aurora Chris has said the higher end ships, and we presume Jav, will be worth upwards Billions of UEC
  11. Azmodeth


    yea just watched it. Wasn't the greatest episode, but at least its back
  12. Azmodeth

    Can't wait for 3.5! Arccorp and the new flight model!

    I too look forward to the new flight model so I can finally get back to enjoying StarCitizen, meanwhile they can finally fix a ton of issues they been putting off regarding different flight models for Arena Commander and PU/PTU (they had different flight models, like wtf?!) Also maybe this new...
  13. Azmodeth

    Happy Buyback Token Day! What are you un-melting?

    I unmelted a Javelin Warbond. Best unmelt ever ! Literally the unmelt to end all future unmelts !
  14. Azmodeth

    Mass Effect: Andromeda $5 on Origin, Im taking the plunge!

    don't do it ! Not worth the 5$ !
  15. Azmodeth

    VPC-Virpil just restocked!

    I'm waiting on VB to release for sale the new Kosmosima's they have, but here is a question for you guys : Would having left hand stick with TWIST and right hand stick without twist work well ? Anyone tried it like this and know ?
  16. Azmodeth

    DiscoLando is an enemy of our org

    maybe someone should remind him of all the TEST love he gave us back in the day with the TEST Raptor...
  17. Azmodeth

    Dual Hotas---HELP

    is there any other way ?
  18. Azmodeth

    [WTB] Aegis Saber Raven

    yeah before the end of December I was picking these up for 60$ on reddit. Got two of them just to have 4 x S3 laser cannons for my comet ( I forget the name of these guns, but they pack a punch, plus extra components in the future right ?)
  19. Azmodeth

    HH for sale #133 ( SOLD )

    crazy good price !
  20. Azmodeth

    TEST Propaganda competition!

    Honestly, it was at the top when I came back to view the forums. Maybe it was the most relevant and NEW post for me ?
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