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  1. Sanzennin

    Brawler Tactics

    Well, a turret gunner doesn't need to get a lock on you, if you just circle the target, the gunner can just shoot one spot in your path and you'll get fried. I'm more worried about the million and a half blind spots on larger ships, big enough to fit half of all TEST auroras. I guess the...
  2. Sanzennin

    Tevarin Shields

    Now I'm intrigued, my interest is piqued! See I wanna know, and I'll ask to make it so: why are those the only two options?
  3. Sanzennin

    Late to the party

    Welcome, Be right at home, Here's a poem to commemorate, Sorry that it's second rate, and short af at that.
  4. Sanzennin

    PSA: If you do some Anthem cosplay, blue haired ladies will make out with you!

    I would've used "satisfied", but I guess it's also met. Met, and then satisfied, as it were.
  5. Sanzennin

    New forum feature: Reactions!

    REACTIONS?!:wut: Cool :like:
  6. Sanzennin

    Test Squadron Ship Prefix

    B.S. - Benevolent Ship S.T - Space Trash
  7. Sanzennin

    Test Squadron Ship Prefix

    G.L.U.C.O.S.E - Glorious Leaders Unimaginably Cool & Outrageous Space Entity G.L.U.T.E.N - Glorious Leaders Undeniably Tremendous Empire Navigator
  8. Sanzennin

    Test Squadron Ship Prefix

    THIS = THis Is Short for the ships in the glorious TEST squadron, led by our glorious leader, blotting out suns with our glorious auroras, crashing and burning in a glorious way, oh, does this have to end with ship? Ship. TIAS = This is a ship CRSH = Cosmos Reaching Ship Hull WRCK = We Rarely...
  9. Sanzennin

    Welp EA did it with Anthem

    So like, mostly console games, and mainly older games, which brings us back to: As for Total War [and not just] Warhammer series, look up the blood dlc, it's cosmetics that costs 2.5€. Also, how is paying a few dollars for a lord NOT a microtransaction?
  10. Sanzennin

    The ultimate mouse for SC?

    I'd buy one right away, but how do you change the DPI on the fly? I didn't see that on the video or marketing materials, so I'm a bit concerned.
  11. Sanzennin

    Welp EA did it with Anthem

    There are a bunch of AAA titles sold at $50+ that have microtransactions, Anthem is in no way a rarity. Call of duty series has some, Assassin creed series has some, WoW (in addition to paid subscription, $50+ expansions, etc.) Jurassic World Evolution Far Cry 5 GTA V Kingdom Come Deliverance...
  12. Sanzennin

    Welp EA did it with Anthem

    Wait. Anthem costs like $59. That's not "full price" on it's own. It might've been several years ago, but it's not today. You can't expect the production values of the games to go up and the price to go down (if you paid ²⁰¹⁷$50 for a product that cost ¹⁹⁹⁰$50 , that's 50% off). Honestly, all...
  13. Sanzennin

    Good Article on CIG's Financials

    With the width and depth of information CIG has published about their finances, that feels almost unprecedented for a major game development. At least, I can't think of any examples apart from possibly a few small indie titles. Quite happy they did so, I rather like knowing the whole situation.
  14. Sanzennin

    What should this US Government Employee do, during the shut down?

    Well, I was going to suggest wanking. Ejaculating at least 21 times a month reduces your risk of prostate cancer by roughly 20%. (But ejaculating 100 times a month doesn't reduce it by 100%)
  15. Sanzennin

    Re-arming Missiles during flight intended or bug?

    Also, Connie has the missiles "accessible" in the cargo bay, which makes me wonder if it would be possible for those to be reloaded manually mid-flight. If so, I can imagine someone having a cargobay full of missiles.
  16. Sanzennin

    Tried the Prospector today... Prospector is new best friend

    I did some trading, was doing pretty good, and I was going to buy prospector with aUEC, but... I didn't factor in xmas. Oh well, maybe I'll try it in 3.4 :smile: EDIT: Erh... Forum replaced : D with : smile : but didn't change it to smiley 😅
  17. Sanzennin

    Is there a list of ships TEST owns?

    Well, I think all of us want to support our org. It would be great to know that support has an actualized effect, so if we were to double our efforts, we could predict what the consequence would be.
  18. Sanzennin

    Fallout 76 - Two shot gauss rifle vs Level 91 Deathclaw and giveaway!

    Pfft, what a clickbait. You didn't fight a giveaway with the gauss rifle! I really wanted to see a dead giveaway.
  19. Sanzennin

    TEST Official Song!?

    I second Alestorm - Drink. Also, Why is the rum gone?
  20. Sanzennin

    Highlander Fleet time

    I'd keep my Starfarer Gemini. Mainly because the only alternative is Avenger Titan. Small fleet and all that jazz.
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