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  1. Vavrik

    TESTies in APAC gaming sessions

    If you actually agree, then you're admitting that a redneck is the same as a hillbilly. The more than half of me that's a damned yankee is smiling. :-)
  2. Vavrik

    PSA: If you do some Anthem cosplay, blue haired ladies will make out with you!

    By pretending to have bigger harder parts than she expected, just like the rest of us.
  3. Vavrik

    preternatural power to conquor

    I think especially for newer ships it's unlikely to get modified a lot, unless they messed up bigtime. As far as turning the data from the tool into audio, there are ways of doing that but it's a little iffy at the moment. It feels a little like the "experts" are struggling with defining the...
  4. Vavrik

    TESTies in APAC gaming sessions

    It's not all Yeehaw Land. Just the part that's down here.
  5. Vavrik

    Interesting dogfighting tips video

    There's some pretty good advice in that video, but he doesn't follow it himself so I'm not that impressed. There's some good explanation of part of the strategy to fight one on one... but unless you're that good, don't do it.
  6. Vavrik

    Test , Test, 1,2,3,4,... ;- j

    Welcome to TEST!
  7. Vavrik

    TEST Book Club - March Nominations : CLOSES SOON (9pm UTC)

    Hah. Not that I remember. It's the parts I can't remember that concern me.
  8. Vavrik

    Tevarin Shields

    I don't remember much about not being married now, but it seems to me that quite a few natural laws had very different effects.
  9. Vavrik

    Tevarin Shields

    Ahh. NaffNaff hasn't figured it out. If you theorcraft while doing either the dishes or laundry, you can be banned from doing the dishes or laundry. Just saying.
  10. Vavrik

    Late to the party

    Welcome to TEST!
  11. Vavrik

    TEST Book Club - March Nominations : CLOSES SOON (9pm UTC)

    He's the guy that suggested Dune, but it's kinda hidden.
  12. Vavrik


    Welcome to TEST! Just tell them Jainway gets paid more than 7.
  13. Vavrik

    Whats behind him??

    This is going to be awkward. That means every time I get shot, I'm being hit in the testie. No wonder it pisses me off.
  14. Vavrik

    Cool NASA stuff. . .to the Moon

    Technical challenges are definitely not in short supply at the present time, but that is mostly a problem of engineering. For a lunar colony, I don't think that is the only problem set to overcome - but one step at a time.
  15. Vavrik

    Calendar link added to top navbar

    I like it! But it's at 2pm on my clock... I think someone needs to move to somewhere in the Central time zone that has reasonable taxes.
  16. Vavrik

    TEST Book Club - March Nominations : CLOSES SOON (9pm UTC)

    Seveneves by Neal Stephenson
  17. Vavrik

    TEST Book Club - March Nominations : CLOSES SOON (9pm UTC)

    I've already read Dune and it's original sequals a few times, but that's not a reason not to read it again. It's a masterfully done and timeless story. It is also the source of some of the names of planitia on Saturn's moon Titan.
  18. Vavrik

    Cool NASA stuff. . .to the Moon

    And it will make sense to spark some innovation and investment this way. We need to get out of low Earth orbit. There's nothing there but communication satellite's, a few space stations, and a pile of junk. One small step at a time, but generally forward steps would be a welcome change. One...
  19. Vavrik

    Suggestions for a good skeleton watch under $300?

    I have to salute you @DirectorGunner, not necessarily for your watch tastes but that's just because I don't wear watches so I can't give any suggestions with a straight face. But for planning to do something about your future. Too many people don't, and life is more something that happens to...
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