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  1. WarrenPeace

    I don't know which is worse...

    ...that there's an cheevo for this, or that I got it. Here's to three years with you drunken sots, and many more to come!
  2. WarrenPeace

    Possibly bricked MB

    So I woke up this morning, rolled out of bed and tried to start up my computer. I hit the power button and it spent approximately 2 seconds with all the fans going before shutting down for about 4 seconds. It then tried to boot again, shut down, booted again, shut down, etc., until I held down...
  3. WarrenPeace


    I'm drinking cheap beer and eating ramen noodles. Why is that one of the most delicous combinations on this planet is also one of the cheapest?
  4. WarrenPeace

    Wanting a new monitor

    I'm planning to convert to a dual monitor setup. I currently have an LG W2343 that will probably be relegated to the secondary monitor. I'm looking for a 27" monitor that won't break the bank and will last me at least another 4-5 years. I'm currently considering a BenQ RL2755HM, but seeing as I...
  5. WarrenPeace

    Nerd boners engage!

  6. WarrenPeace

    Forum Post Quality

    Does it seem to anyone else like the quality of posting has increased in the last week and a half? Hope you enjoyed it. I'm back from vacation.
  7. WarrenPeace

    How about some propaganda?

    Links to original images: First image Second image Third image
  8. WarrenPeace

    Hangover cure confirmed, CIG loves TEST

    In a new RP article on the RSI website, they warn about the dangers of drinking and flying.
  9. WarrenPeace

    Computer is borked

    So as I mentioned in the other thread, my installation of Windows 10 was less than smooth. Unfortunately, my roll back to 7 was even less smooth. I'm currently posting from my phone because my computer is not accepting any keyboard or mouse inputs. I can't log in, I can't reach the BIOS, I can't...
  10. WarrenPeace

    Has it really been that long?

    So today after I got down over the panic of Seung's PM spam-fest, I noticed something interesting. Apparently, I've spent a whole year of my life around you weirdos! I couldn't have picked a better bunch to hang out with. Here's to many years more! Bonus pic because cheesecake:
  11. WarrenPeace

    Any upcoming events near Texas?

    I was looking at the CIG events page, and it looks like there are no events in Texas until the end of the year. Anyone know of anything happening down here before then? I've finally got the freedom to check these sort of things out and I'm looking forward to getting out meeting some of y'all in...
  12. WarrenPeace

    This is why you need to come to our Hangouts

    Not Pictured: dicks, various vandalizations, other shenanigans ArrangingStars has been arranging Google Hangouts in this thread here. You should totally come and commit shenanigans with us.
  13. WarrenPeace

    Just a short vignette in the SC universe...

    Out in the gulf between worlds, the star gleamed brilliantly. No murky atmosphere caused any fluctuation of their light here; each star was distinctly clear, burning bright and steady in a jeweled mosaic set in a pitch-black firmament. From any mortal perspective, the heavens were frozen in...
  14. WarrenPeace

    8-pin vs 6-pin PSU power cables

    So, I happily arrived home after vacation, eager to install my new GTX 770, when I notice something: the new card requires 2 8-pin connectors, and I don't have the appropriate connectors. I've tried all the local shops, but no one seems to carry them. What I did find was that they do have 6-pin...
  15. WarrenPeace

    X-Wing vs TIE Fighter and X-Wing: Alliance available on GOG

    So I'm sure a lot of you already have these, but GOG just released these X-wing v TIE Fighter and X-wing: Alliance. I've been eagerly awaiting these releases for ages to play these games again, ever since the teaser trailer. They're also promising to release more Star Wars games on Thursday and...
  16. WarrenPeace

    Planning for Future Upgrades

    So, my current computer is getting a little behind the bleeding edge. I built it about 2 years ago, on a limited budget, but with some solid purchases that let it play most games pretty smoothly. That said, the Hangar module makes it cry pitifully unless I cut it back to just a single ship. So...
  17. WarrenPeace

    Help me decide on a Retaliator!

    So, I really like the Aegis Retaliator. Like a lot. I would really like to own one. ...Only, I'm not sure what I would do with it. These are civilian, stripped-down versions, no? So I'd have to add weapons and such to make it a true bomber again. As it stands now, cargo space is not really on...
  18. WarrenPeace

    Drunk 4, standing by

    Good evening, folks. Figured I'd pull the trigger and join this fine-lookin' organization. Where you from stranger? I hail from the wilds of North Carolina. Well, a forest, in any case. We have a lot of deer there. What drew you to Star Citizen? When I heard about the opportunity to fly...
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