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  1. Gneissnoggin

    Thank you for help!

    Here's what I ended up with for now. Surprisingly I am able to log on to SC and move around with just on board Intel video. Still waiting for 1080 or 1060 cards to be available.
  2. Gneissnoggin


    I have heard streamers and streamless asking about patches. Specificly the 999th Squadron. I know of many places near me that can make such things, either in large batches or small. All I would need is JPEG or such image files. Price dependant on amounts. One company has lower price points on...
  3. Gneissnoggin

    Did I read this right? In this article is a mention of the 999th Test squadron attached to Archangel Station. Is this a drunken nod to us?
  4. Gneissnoggin

    Ship Nose Art?

    Anyone know if we will be able to add our own logos, organisation designations, kill markers, nose art to our ships?
  5. Gneissnoggin

    Cheers! Now where's the taproom?

    Hello all, SC handle is Gneissnoggin Just a quick into, I like beer and space games, usually at the same time. I plan on being a salvager or ship repairman. I believe that drinking beer, when repairing ships, steadies the hands from the 'space shakes'. Thus my passion for space games and being...
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