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    16 GB vs 32 GB ram

    Here is an argument I haven’t seen here so far: Using an SSD as your pagefile a lot will greatly decrease its lifetime. 32GB RAM will result in much less swapping, and hence a much longer lasting SSD.
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    DNS AdBlock on Merlin Firmware

    Just to make sure you understand how AdGuard ad blocking works: AdGuard, a private company, provides a DNS server that is modified to that it pretends that ad servers don‘t exist. For example if your computer asks the server for the ip address for the fictitios „“ the answer will...
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    Help me spend my money wisely!

    Puh... it is 19% for me, but we get awesome roads and free universities for that money so I am not concerned :like:
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    A way to move premium domains to avoid astronomical renewal fees?

    I also like namecheap, they give you free Whois guard if I am not confused (and lets be honest, I probably am.) Do you know any local data centre operators? These have a business model that discourages that fuckery. Hetzner is one in Germany that works well.
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    Help me spend my money wisely!

    Wait, is there vat on purchases with store credit? That money already got taxed!
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    I just bought that new helmet, a bit pricey...

    Well, you know what they say, you have to spend money to save money...
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    RSI Mantis Thread - Tuesday update posted - New Pics and Article inside, Page 10

    I am team Roxanne, who is with me? Who is team red light? Remember the rules: one shot of hard liquor for every mention of your team name.
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    Game crash frequency question

    This is true. However, in order to use Geforce Experience, you need to create a user account and login. That wasn’t always the case and the arbitrary decision to require a login for such a bullshit is the reason why I don’t use it anymore. Fuck you, nvidia.
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    Game crash frequency question

    A friend of mine had a lot of crashes until he upgraded his CPU. It made the game unplayable for him... My i5-6600K used to be enough when I played last half a year ago
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    So, Quantum Mining

    Oh wow I wasn't aware about the Starfarer specifics that is really cool.The EVA mining also sounds like something my DUR (officially the best ship in the verse) would be really good at given the basically unlimited non quantum fuel :like:
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    So, Quantum Mining

    The latest Star Citizen Live includes the first proper information about how Quantum Fuel is going to get mined. They said that this is very fresh, only just approved by CR and will likely change once hey start implementing. No information about the Starfarer, but this is what they said...
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    Cave systems and FPS mining

    Is that a glowstick in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    The waiter didn’t properly fill her glass! She should complain! This is easily 200mL missing!
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    Piracy in 3.6.2

    But it was the perfect solution! Stupid change. Now I have to decide if I want to be law abiding and PvE or not law abiding and PvP? The outlaw PvE was the best thing about Freelancer, my clan was stationed at the Hessians. I hope they will stumble onto that problem and fix it somehow... Edit...
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    Piracy in 3.6.2

    Whatever happend to the PvP slider?
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    Coming anniversary sale.

    This is a place where the military ship role and naming thing breaks down. On earths oceans, bigger ships can generally drive faster than smaller boats, as long as they go through the water instead of planing. They also accelerate slower. I am looking forward to the Kraken and multiple systems...
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    A special skill you say?

    I couldn’t not do it: I am really good in bed.
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    9/11 - What were you doing when it happened?

    The wife is a flight attendant in Germany and while she was like ten in 2001, she heard a lot of stories from older flight attendants that were in NYC during that time. They had a hotel with a view of the skyline. Imagine flying into NYC, going to bed then waking up to an airplane crushing into...
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    TEST Pizza, Best Pizza (?)

    Yes! No eggs anywhere near pizzas! Now, what kind of licorice are we talking about? The stuff that has the salt inside that is released after about two minutes and almost makes most people vomit if they don't expect it?
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