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  1. Lonewollf

    Streamdeck Profiles

    I absolutely love my stream deck....I have it all set up to control my key-air-lites, as well as xsplit. I have a second profile that automatically pops on for star citizen. This profile I have set up to alleviate the need to memorize millions of different key combinations to lift my landing...
  2. Lonewollf

    let's talk about desks

    Greetings and slututations everyone! I'm getting ready to do some springish cleaning and going to be reorganizing my house. The desk that I am currently using is an old office desk that doesn't have much room on it. I'm also forced to sit on the left hand side of the desk and have all...
  3. Lonewollf

    RSI Celebrate the Holidays - aka Free Stuff Daily through 12/22

    They also have the Gemini listed as a Aegis ship (it's misc).. It's almost as if they rushed to put this jp together at the very last minute.
  4. Lonewollf

    Ive been in a 4 day complete Cyberpunk media black out! WTF is going on :D

    Bought it for PS4. I know i know...why buy next gen game for last gen console. For what I've been able to play so far, it's a good game...I have had to stop playing out of frustration of the bugs that keep causing the game to crash (I experience one every hour of gameplay so far). I'm either...
  5. Lonewollf

    15 free games, 1 each day on EPIC

    Todays free game is "Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty: Abe's Oddysee" New game announced at 1100 EST. Even if it's not what was shown in the leak poster, free games are free games.
  6. Lonewollf

    [Video] Star Wars: Squadrons w/ full VR cockpit (A-Wing)

    Story wise I would give it 3 out of 5 stars cause it definitely could have been better. I've been playing it in VR since launch, and because of the VR I'm going to have to give it a full 5 out of 5 for gameplay immersion.
  7. Lonewollf

    Streamdeck Profiles

    So, as it turns out, I did miss something. A key component in doing this venture.....and rightfully I feel like an idiot for it was so simple of a fix......Run stream deck commander as administrator
  8. Lonewollf

    Streamdeck Profiles

    Greetings... So I have jumped on this bandwagon and have downloaded this profile for my streamdeck: I have it all imported and linked so it automatically comes up on my deck when I turn star...
  9. Lonewollf

    Semi-new streamer

    Thank you. It is definately a challange now, trying to balance a family life now (with homeschooling and all that jazz), and being a firefighter and EMT. So far, I've been making it work.
  10. Lonewollf

    Semi-new streamer

    Hey everybody. I've been at this for a couple months now, back in the saddle as it were...I've taken up streaming again, and just wanted to throw my link out there for your viewing pleasures. is the link. if you don't have much to do, swing on by!
  11. Lonewollf

    Star Citizen 3.8 Thrustmaster Profile???

    Oh, I definately don't use the "TARGET" software that came with my stick...I've heard way too many horror stories about that. Every time that I've tried mapping my controls, my throttle never get's set up properly. By that, I mean when I slide it back to decelerate, it will accelerate, push...
  12. Lonewollf

    Star Citizen 3.8 Thrustmaster Profile???

    Thank you all. Appreciate the feedback....I will give em a try.
  13. Lonewollf

    Star Citizen 3.8 Thrustmaster Profile???

    Hey all. Wanting to go flying in Star Citizen, but alas, all my previous keybinds don't work properly. Does anybody have a decent mapping profile I might pilfer for my Thrustmaster t.160000 Stick and Throttle? I don't have enough time in my day to map it to the way I want it right now. Thank's...
  14. Lonewollf

    Great news! TEST members get 10% off Star Citizen models from JRF

    I hope they create a Freelancer model....or anything MISC for that matter.
  15. Lonewollf

    Testihol 2949 - with an unfortunate twist - SIGN UP FOR YOUR BOTTLES (Max of 10)

    I would sign up for one, but alas, I will not be attending. This is, however, a beautiful piece of work!!! Enjoy!
  16. Lonewollf

    9/11 - What were you doing when it happened?

    I was getting ready for school, for I was in high school. My mother had just come out and had told me about it, and allowed me to stay home for the day. I was glued to the tv, watching things unfold, and was dumbfounded that something like that was happening. My local fire department was on...
  17. Lonewollf

    What was your first (backer) ship in Star Citizen?

    1.What was your first ship purchase? Aurora LX 2. Why you bought it? It had Leather Seats 3. Do you still own it? Yes 4. If not, what did you upgrade to? been melted once or twice to make credit for other stuffs, but eventually I bought it back :)
  18. Lonewollf

    Avengers game at E3 looks completely off brand!

    whole heartedly agree....regardless, i'll play the s*** out of the game.
  19. Lonewollf

    Avengers game at E3 looks completely off brand!

    They would have to spend millions of dollars per actor to even get the character to even look like them.
  20. Lonewollf

    Avengers game at E3 looks completely off brand!

    Though I am dissapointed with the fact that they are not using the established actors from the MCU for likeness and voice, this approach that this game company is taking is not at all unheard of or uncommon.Cryptic Studios went through the same problem with Star Trek Online when they first...
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