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    BritizenCon - April 27th 2019

    The BritizenCon web site ( has been updated, confirming that we'll be having the fourth annual event in April of this year. No details beyond that currently, other than it will be held at a different venue this year. My assumption is that we're still looking at...
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    Ship prices in UEC

    We were in the right ballpark when we did the theorycrafting a couple of years ago: Prices quoted in the Citizencon stream (prices aren't set in stone yet, and there will be...
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    BoredGamer Interview with Erin Roberts - uncut (March 2018)

    Some interesting stuff.
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    Can anyone recommend a SC Youtube video or three that give a flavour of the game?

    Hi folks, I was looking on youtube for some of the great teaser videos that people have done in the last year or so (relatively recent would be good, so that planetary tech has a chance to be in there), but unfortunately I didn't bookmark any, and it's sort of a needle in a haystack scenario...
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    Upcoming Windows patch expected to slow Intel CPUs This sucks, and is going to be big news I would imagine. Newer Intel CPU have features that will reduce the performance impact, so...
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    Raumarik's "A History of Star Citizen" Youtube series

    Hello all, Raumarik has just posted episode four of his 'History of Start Citizen' series. This video covers the second quarter of 2014, and reminds us of some gems in the development history. Whilst I'm an original backer, I didn't start following the active development until 2016, and if like...
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    33% discount on HCS Voicepacks (code issued Nov 2017)

    @voicepacks just tweeted a 33% discount code for their voice packs 33OFFTG5 For those not familiar with them, these are add-on 'voices' that may be used with the Voice Attack application, which combined, allow you to issue voice commands to Star Citizen (drop flares, lock on missiles, take...
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    Frustmaster's beautiful homage to the M50

    Wow, fantastic work. Makes me want to run out and buy one.
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    Concierge status denied! (So close, and yet so far).

    I'm so close to hitting the $1000 mark!!! ...except for the fact that half of my ships are grey-market and don't count towards concierge status. The purpose of this thread? None whatsoever, other than to share my inner-panda state. I'm just hoping that one day RSI will count subscription...
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    BritizenCon 2018 (April 21st) - the fan organised British convention will be hitting it's third year. I've just booked my ticket, so barring unforeseen circumstances I'll be there, so who else is coming? We had a decent turnout from Test in 2017 and it would be great to meet up with everyone...
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    Face over IP - very cool.

    Intro to face over IP View: For those who haven't watched, this introduces us to a brand new feature where via your webcam SC is able to sync your character features to your actual face. So when you smile, your character smiles. When you look left, your...
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    Gamestar Magazine Article, July 2017

    Gamestar wrote an article earlier this year regarding Star Citizen. They've now been back for a return visit to Foundry 42 and have published a new article based on Alpha 3.0 Links to a translated summary by Kruben 95 are shown below. Please remember that this is a commercial article, and that...
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    Around the Verse, 8th June 2017 - Cutlass Interior

    Looks like a good episode. Unfortunately it's 2.30AM here so I can't watch the whole thing, but these Cutlass interior shots look amazing. The size of the door in them really gives the impression that the Cutlass has grown into a bit of a beast.
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    February 2017 Studio report now available (17/03/2017)

    Studio Report, February 2017 (released 17/03/2017) For your viewing delight. ...oh, and REALLY looking forward to seeing this one implemented: Woohoo!
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    My (animated) Star Citizen Wallpaper...

    I came across Wallpaper Engine on Steam yesterday, a little £2.80 app ($4 or thereabouts I would guess) that allows you to set a video file as your wallpaper. So of course I had to buy it and start my search for the coolest SC video that I could find. This is the best so far, but I am thinking...
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    Free Fly available Dec 2016 to Celebrate imminent 2.6 release

    48 hours access for any of your not-yet-in-SC friends. Vrooom.
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    Email received: Invite to Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 on PTU (not)

    This was in my inbox this morning: --- We are please to advise that you are banned from the 2.6 PTU, which will shortly be available for selected testers. To be be absolutely clear, you are in fact banned from all further PTU testing after your persistent drunken debauchery in PTU 2.1 though...
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    Release 2.6 is currently with Evocati (29th November)

    Reposting an RSI announcement from a couple of days ago. 2.6 is now with the Evocati, which matches the last RSI published production schedule. That schedule indicates a general release date of December 8th. Edit note: also found this mentioned at the tail of another thread. Ah well, missed...
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    The *REAL* PU Stuff Thread

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    Estimated Ship Prices in UEC (based on RSI estimates Nov 2016)

    Hi folks, I've just been watching this week's Wednesday Bensday, where Nikki DÁngelo has been performing her weekly interview with Ben Lesnick. One of the questions that arose this week was regarding the ability to purchase ships in-game with UEC. The response was that we'll be seeing this in...
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