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  1. Kenlee

    600i interior remake

    The 600i is a lot more manageable if you are flying solo from time to time, and it has pilot controlled weapons. Huuuuge plus for me at least. As a pilot I want to pewpew, not have to rely on other ppl or npcs to blow something up.
  2. Kenlee

    Aquila, Mercury or Corsair?

    I can't believe the amount of guns the Corsair has. Insane at that price point with exploration capabilities added to it. I would count on a future nerf.
  3. Kenlee

    Green Ursa Rover Giveaway Inside! (Thanks to all who donated this past month!)

    I Like TEST because TEST doesn't take itself too seriously.
  4. Kenlee

    [Video] Excited for gimbal assist in 3.5!

    Maybe now I have a chance of actually hitting an m50.
  5. Kenlee

    The Who's Who.

    One does simply not miss Rhona Mitra!
  6. Kenlee

    Enter the Defender

    On another note: Holy shit the new exterior looks good on the Carrack. Looks so much better than what they showed a few months back. Glad they fixed the landing gear and the bridge.
  7. Kenlee


    Can't wait to see the Banu Defender and the Banu design in general. The flight model changes should be interesting as well.
  8. Kenlee

    Programmers - Coding in C

    C# is object oriented like Java where you have classes with specific tasks. It's a different way of structuring apps. Some of the code syntax is similar to C, but it's still very different afaik even though I have never done C or C++. But since you are just starting up and you only need C, I...
  9. Kenlee

    Programmers - Coding in C

    If you are interested in learning C# and want a video crash course, here's a link from my earlier class. He's from Denmark so his english is not perfect, but it's 10 times more engaging for me than reading in a book. Theres a lot of videos, he shows step by step how to create a backend in C# and...
  10. Kenlee

    Steam and other sales 2018--- honest recommedations from known Testies?

    Dying light is a great game, but you won't get 400 hours of fun there. Maybe 100 :) I still recommend it though. There's alot of free roaming you can do with loot houses, and when you level enough you get a grappling hook which makes the game even more amazing, the movement parkour is fun so...
  11. Kenlee

    Atlas countdown!

    This game looks amazing on paper, but I have to check it out via streams before I buy it. I want to see how many of the features in the game are actually working first. If the game is solid, i'll be going PVE for sure. Love building and taming! Might get a private server going if the official...
  12. Kenlee

    Anvil Carrack - Reverse the Verse - The Shape of Ships (Dec-2018)

    I love that they shrunk it in size. I never wanted a capital sized ship, rather one where I can bring a few friends and still be effective. The only thing that bothers me is the change of the bridge interior. The concept art definately looked better. But it's not a big thing. Still love this ship..
  13. Kenlee

    Ship sale - Mercury Star Runner (Aug 23)

    Looks like this is the skin we are getting for our newly bought Star Runners. Lookin' fine!!
  14. Kenlee

    [Video] Mercury Star Runner sale

    This is the first ship in years that ticked all the right boxes. Love the capabilities and the look. #NoStruts
  15. Kenlee

    Another of Owl's redundant threads.

    Carrack/Vulture! Your Polaris is basically a Redeemer on massive steroids and your Raven can handle the same situational EMP troll as the Harbinger.
  16. Kenlee

    Post in here if you are definitely not a spy!

    I don't care enough about Star Citizen to wanna spend time spying on others.
  17. Kenlee

    Shopping for new gaming headset

    i Recently bought the Steelseries Arctis 7.. I don't know much about sound quality, but they are super comfortable and can hold a lot of hours without charging. Has a few cool features on it as well and the...
  18. Kenlee

    Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 this year

    Usually i'm not a lot for trailers - hard to judge a game if there's no real gameplay to see yet, and yet here I am sitting on the hypetrain, my expectations are sky high when it comes to CD Projekt RED, and that may mostly lead to being disappointed. But damnit this game looks awesome, where do...
  19. Kenlee

    Am I Tripping?

    LOL ! Dereks delusions has reached maximum heights these days. Does this guy ever stop spreading his negative, pathetic attitude around the world? I sure as hell wouldn't want to argue with Denny Crane himself..
  20. Kenlee

    E3 Anthem trailer.

    It looked alright, reminds me somewhat of Destiny, which is not a bad thing. Definately gonna play it no doubt! Hopefully we will hear more about Cyberpunk 2077 in the next few days... When I heard that CD Project Red was working on a multiplayer RPG I almost died.
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