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  1. Fastball

    IAE Day 6 - Origin ships

    I dig your armor selection!
  2. Fastball

    Ramble On

    He lost 50 lbs for season 2 of The Rookie or so the interweb says...
  3. Fastball

    let's talk about desks

    I went with a sit stand desk frame and a 1" butcher block table. Make a desk to suit your space!
  4. Fastball

    Farewell Miura Sensei

    Idol Master stole years from the story and now death has stolen the story's completion from fans. We probably had another 30 years to go. Sad times.
  5. Fastball

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    I received the first dose of Pfizer vaccine yesterday. The only reaction I have is soreness around the injection site. It goes away with movement. Through my job we receive weekly covid tests (mandatory for all employees and contractors). I'm looking forward to being exempt from the weekly...
  6. Fastball

    Ubisoft is making an open world Star Wars game

    I was fingers crossed for a SWG 2 without Jedi too!
  7. Fastball

    The Mandalorian Season 2 (spoilers hidden)

    I'm still hopeful that the ol majordomo ends up with the Legends ending. Guess what we'll see in the spinoff series and what new adventures Din gets up to in S3.
  8. Fastball

    Perseus Q&A as answered by Montoya

    Witchcraft! :wut:
  9. Fastball

    Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950 Megathread - Its Done

    I liked the MSR paint packages, so CIG did get some more $ out of me this year lol
  10. Fastball

    Nomad Links

    It isn't terrible, it's just not a ship that i can see in my fleet.
  11. Fastball

    NEW Star Citizen hit piece from Kotaku UK :D

    The race isn't finished yet. Wait till the finish line is crossed and then I'll say people can make judgements about whether it was the right way or not. - Roberts I felt a little bit of ol' Blue Eyes in this quote (assuming it's from CR), I did it My Way! View:
  12. Fastball

    [Video] Talon concept sale $90 warbond

    I'm trying not to like the alien ships or single seat fighters unless they can punch above their weight class, but I'd be lying if these weren't tempting.
  13. Fastball

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    All I hear is Jim Jefferies Panda joke :P
  14. Fastball

    State of the Squadron 42

    I made the mistake of following GRRM, Rothfuss, and Kentaro Miura (Berserk) from the beginning too. I've been following Squadron 42 since November 11, 2012 kickstarter. If anything we're in for another decade of waiting...but that could just be the pessimist in me speaking.
  15. Fastball

    Latest inside star citizen

    Watching that I was like wait, you're telling me the ship is going to get updated for S42 and pushed to the PU, but I'm still stuck with the Mk1 hornet...come on! I may have to change my stance on no alien ships because it looks smexy, but then I remember Armitage! :P
  16. Fastball

    Star Wars Squadron now with trailer

    Didn't hate it. $40.00 might get me to pre-order to show my support for non-Jedi games.
  17. Fastball

    who fly's Virpil

    Hello VIRPILs! On Friday 5th June, our worldwide web store was restocked for the final time using the current ordering process (batches being made available for sale at a set time). We are now preparing to move over to a new ordering process! Due to the unprecedented levels of demand and...
  18. Fastball

    So I went on spectrum, and read so much anger towards the newly released cutty blue, but...

    Unless marketing gets involved and the ship can "punch above its weight class" like no other :P
  19. Fastball

    About these LIMITED WARBOND EDITION upgrades, does the 120mo insurance carry over later upgrades?

    I believe so since the ccu will overwrite the current insurance and make the 120mo the new base for the chassis.
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