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  1. stockish

    SIM RACING + ATS/ETS (or IRL Racers?)

    Fanatec is about the best you will get, but the price is a bit much, Next Level Racing has a fold-able cockpit that you could attach the wheel and pedals too as well so you can store it when done. And remember, slow is smooth, smooth is fast! "If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you’re...
  2. stockish

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    What a bunch of weirdos, they pronounce things funny.
  3. stockish

    Say goodbye to racing games...

    So edgy not even Faze clan would touch. 🆒 💪
  4. stockish

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    No not the sausage rolls! Even here in the USofA things are getting a bit expensive, as well as scarce. Trying to keep the work fridge stocked with brats and chicken breast is a challenge.
  5. stockish

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    The Affluenza Influenzas sounds like a bad pop group name.
  6. stockish

    Heellllllppppppp!!!!!!! Help and advice needed

    FYI Easy Anti Cheat was recently integrated into Star Citizen, if a program hasn't been whitelisted it most likely will prevent the game from launching. Edit: Took some time to dig around and find out how VorpX works, it definitely goes into places on the computer where most malicious software...
  7. stockish

    Can Star Citizen keep up its record level of funding in 2022?

    If you take total accounts and divide the funding it averages out to roughly everyone having a Cutlass Black, but given how many people I know including myself who are concierge, yea there are a ton of whales floating the funds. The fact that there is a $40k Legatus package and it sells should...
  8. stockish

    CIG Dev response to Ares Ion nerf

    Yep, this is why I don't call the Ares a fighter as it was never truly meant to be one but marketing be damned. Sure it is meant for large or capital ship engagement, but if I get a lucky hit on a small craft and severely damage or destroy it, then why should I be punished? I am in total...
  9. stockish

    CIG Dev response to Ares Ion nerf

    I haven't played since the new nerf, but the second iteration felt great to me, if I as an Ares pilot can hit a M50 or Razor or similar small ship, then that would either because I got the jump on it, or that other pilot does not know how to avoid incoming fire and deserved to get lit up. Leave...
  10. stockish

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    Apparently there already is a new variant making its rounds, at this point you could redo the Pokerap with COVID.
  11. stockish

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    Some plane bathrooms are pretty nice, the leg room, a window and all the amenities you could ask for. Plus it can be near the drink carriage!
  12. stockish

    Rock On, Spidey!

    NWH was definitely a great movie, especially if you have kept up with all the MCU stuff since Infinity War/Engame and the old early 2000s Spidey movies.
  13. stockish

    New Years resolutions 2022

    Depending on the job, Google offers some free online courses with certificates, and some tradeskills are cheap to get certified or trained on. As for my 2022 resolution however......
  14. stockish

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    I have been catching up on things since it has been nice not to follow it for a few months, I am hoping that given that it seems this variant is spreading quicker (it might not be) that it has a higher chance of dying off. Maybe its time to fire up Plague Inc again.....
  15. stockish

    Hull A sneak peek

    Its like the progression of cargo trucks in the US military lol itty bitty - M1078A1 not so smol - M35 average joe- 5ton/7ton do a bit more -HEMMT/LVS big chungus - M1070
  16. stockish

    Hull A sneak peek

    This just makes me more excited for the Hull-C, space trucker life is almost real!
  17. stockish

    Inside Star Citizen: Spartan Warrior | Fall 2021

    I snagged a couple, I feel it will go well with a Hercules and being a support vehicle for cave missions.
  18. stockish

    Inside Star Citizen: Spartan Warrior | Fall 2021

    I found a site with it!
  19. stockish

    Texas propaganda video

    A system so good that it is still even classified from the US on their ships, some crazy giant mechanical calculator!
  20. stockish

    First rollout of anti-cheat for Star Citizen

    We'll see how it goes, EAC isn't the best and can be easily bypassed. Plus I hope it doesn't mess with GameGlass since usually using another program while playing will freak it out sometimes (your mileage may vary.)
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