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  1. Michael

    Scoundrel Pack got removed still available through buyback

    Farewell good old friend. I guess you've become too good. It looks like its still available as buyback. So you you might consider buying it before it gets completely removed.
  2. Michael

    [Modular Stick setup] VKB Sim NXT (epilepsy warning)

    VKB announced their new entry level stick setup modular thing: View: More info: Pricing starts at $50 Sticks are $120 and $150
  3. Michael

    Useful Links for Star Citizen

    Here are some useful links i gathered. If you have more i will add them later Ships and Fleet Ship Loadout Calculators and comparision: Ship...
  4. Michael

    3.10 devs answers to questions

    Turrets and Vjoy "How does one disable v-joy for turrets and pilot controls? I really don´t like it since it does not auto center itself and once i stop my mouse input I want the ship to also stop turning in that direction. So far I could not find this setting and that´s really frustrating and...
  5. Michael

    VKB Gladiator-K

    The VKB Gladiator-K catched my attention. Afaik VKB is a solid company. The gladiator-K seems to at least somewhat similar to the Virpil Constellation ALPHA at a much lower price point. (this is definitly not a fair comparision) I haven't found reviews on the stick. Does anyone already have...
  6. Michael

    Pewbacas buybacks list

    So i catched some ccu and put them in my buyback. This is a service for Testies only. Also i need to trust you so no fresh members. you might want to contact me in discord. My price = your price + potential fees On request i will look up the price. Some prices might be better. But the ways of...
  7. Michael

    Plan of the Week 14.10.19 - 20.10.19

    Hello Testies, i was a little bit busy in the last couple of weeks Monday, 14 October [RSI] Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest [RSI] Halloween Caves of Horror Screenshot Contest Tuesday, 15 October [RSI] Weekly Lore Post Wednesday, 16 October [RSI] Subscriber Newsletter...
  8. Michael

    Three years TEST

    So it seems like i'm a member for three years now. Whats my present?
  9. Michael

    A list of developer segments on youtube (in case you need some first hand sources)

  10. Michael

    POW 16.09.19 - 22.09.19

    Hello Testies, welcome to the next POW (Power of wat), Discord has now an awesome UTC clock, thats why i'm removing the timezone links Monday, 16 September This week we are seeing a new page on the RSI homepage telling us...
  11. Michael

    POW 09.09 - 15.09.19

    Hello Testies, welcome to the next Plan of the week Monday, 09 September nothing Tuesday, 10 September [RSI] Weekly Lore Post [RSI] Squadron 42 Monthly Report Repost Wednesday, 11 September [RSI] Subscriber Newsletter Thursday, 12 September [RSI] Inside Star Citizen -...
  12. Michael

    POW 02.09 - 08.09.19

    Hello Testies, i'm having a busy week and forgot the POW (Printimus Or Woelfchen, who is better?) Monday, 02 September Tuesday, 03 September [RSI] Weekly Lore Post Wednesday, 04 September [RSI] Aegis Nautilis Q&A (which is here...
  13. Michael

    POW 26 August - 01 September

    Hello Testies, As every week things change and so do plans. Last Week we have seen the release of the mighty Nautilus. This week we will see Pillar Talk. Also the 890j is getting closer to a release into the wild. Myre announced a pvp event on sunday 19 UTC. Monday, 26August Tuesday...
  14. Michael

    POW 19 August - 25 August

    Hello Testies, Here is the new POW Monday, 19August rien nix nothing ничего 무 Tuesday, 20 August [RSI] Weekly Lore Post Wednesday, 21 August [RSI] CitizenCon Digital Goodies Pack Available! [RSI] Gamescom Bar Citizen Thursday, 22 August [RSI] Inside Star Citizen - usally...
  15. Michael

    Trading Traders survey

    You know we are traders we like statistics Here is a little survey regarding trade (Also i want to explore the form feature of google) Here are the results:
  16. Michael

    POW 12 August - 18 August

    Hello Testies, Here is the new POW (Printimus on walkabout) This was taken from a spontanious event with Myre, just join our discord and see who is active. Monday, 12August getting sober Tuesday, 13 August [RSI] Weekly Lore Post Wednesday, 14 August [RSI] Subscriber Newsletter...
  17. Michael

    POW 05.08.19 - 11.08.19

    POW of the week ... oh wait thats redundant Now with german date format in the headline (for extra confusion) okay lets start again Hello TESTIES, Here is the new plan of the week for 5 August - 11 August Monday, 05 August RSI: Ballista Bumper Sticker Winner Announcement Check...
  18. Michael

    POW 29 July - 4 August

    Hello TESTIES, Printimus is currently busy and i thought i continue the \ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ\ /ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/ \ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/ PlAn of tHe WEeEEeK (i can't post in the event section so i do it here) Currently 3.6.1 is in the PTU and hopefully will fix some stuff. Patch notes Monday, 29 July - Tuesday, 30...
  19. Michael

    What we know so far about hover mode

    David Colson (DColson-CIG) gave some indepth answers on Spectrum and reddit, about the upcoming Hover mode. I tried to sort them in a little bit. Goal for HM is to make the flight model more believable and more fun (at low speeds). 1- In ISC it was said that there will a toggle HM button. How...
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