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  1. zeddie

    Anyone follow Formula 1?

    If you do, what is your favourite team and why is it Renault? (Hint: black and yellow) And who's your favourite driver and why is it Daniel Ricciardo? (Hint: below) all jokes and TEST memes aside... I'm still rooting for McLaren. Lando Norris, as the driver, since he's a rookie... Sainz, I...
  2. zeddie

    Crytek sues CIG for breach of contract

    wait... what?! WHY? a post on reddit summarizing the lawsuit:
  3. zeddie

    Mustang Rework means we need to update the Promo Video!

    Can't believe it's been 2 years (almost 3 actually) already... Keep making the awesome work TESTies!
  4. zeddie

    Gran Turismo Sport

    The Open Beta is going on now, and I've been playing it for the last couple days. Its graphics is absolutely GORGEOUS and the added livery editor is quite fun to waste time in. Unfortunately my creativity has its limits so here's the best I've been able to do: (The Scapes are great to really...
  5. zeddie

    Ready Player One

    I'm really not sure where to put this... I thought about "Off-Topic" but it isn't really, and thought about General, but it's not "general" enough... so I guess since it's a book, and it's a form of "media" I'll leave it here. Anyways... I've been reading the book for the past 2 weeks (halfway...
  6. zeddie

    OK Which one of you bought a Lamborghini Centenario?

    Take a look at this: I know you love TEST so much that you had to paint your 2.5 million dollar Hyper-Lambo in our colour, but seriously? Can't you just design it a bit? Who am I kidding... This is TEST! We don't think... It was probably a drunk impulse buy anyway... "What colour would you...
  7. zeddie

    Destiny 2 on PC will be available exclusively on

    not on Steam, not on Origin, not on uPlay, nor Win10 store, etc. ONLY Being an Activision game, I kind of understand, but still... Not so sure if I want to play on PC or PS4 now. Also, the game looks to be quite promising. A lot more stuff than the original when it launched...
  8. zeddie

    RX500 Series Launched!

    and it's basically a slightly overclocked RX400 series... with higher power consumption. It's about 5-10% better performance accross the board, for ~15-20% power usage. The price, is pretty much identical. $10 less officially, but the RX400s will drop I'm guessing. I need an upgrade in GPU...
  9. zeddie

    Forza Horizon 3

    Forza on a PC?! YES! Microsoft Games Studios announced many in-house games will be made "play anywhere" where if you buy for XBOX One, you can play on Windows 10 PCs. Not having an XBOX One, I jumped at the chance to play a Forza game on PC. Of course I also played the free Forza Apex on...
  10. zeddie

    Rocket League

    (not as "cool" of a title as SUPERSONIC ACROBATIC ROCKET POWERED BATTLE CARS!!!!!!!! *explosions* as it's its spiritual successor) Apparently it's "crossplay" between PS4 and PC, and it's free for PS+ members this month, on release! There's no way of forming a party with PS4 and PC yet though...
  11. zeddie

    Grand Theft Auto V [PC]

    it's out! my Social Club name is TestingZeddie (just managed to change it from my old crappy name that I totally forgot why I set it as...) so feel free to add me! I'll be playing Single Player for a while, not sure about how long I'll stick to GTA Online but it's always better to have more...
  12. zeddie

    New to the whole Joystick thing...

    So I have just recently bought (last week) a Logitech Extreme 3D joystick. I picked this, because it's the cheapest here in Canada... T16000M(?) costs about $60, where the Extreme 3D was "on sale" for $30, and it has pretty decent reviews, so I decided on it. The one big complaint would be that...
  13. zeddie

    Crash test dummies are getting fatter

    says this Engadget article: "This is the story of the unsung heroes of our time"
  14. zeddie

    DriveClub - Test Club Please Ignore(?)

    So, DriveClub launches in North America today. I'll definitely be downloading the "free" PS+ version at least, and if I enjoy it, upgrade to the full version. Am not home yet, and won't be for a while, so I have no idea how the actual "Club" feature works. Anyone else on PS4 getting it and...
  15. zeddie

    Aurora Crash 2 - Aurora Landing

    so the new game from the maker of Flappy Bird just came out will we be making another Aurora spin-off? Something like "You are a drunken Aurora Pilot and you're trying to go through the hangar gates to your landing pad, try to avoid hitting the walls on your way home" oh and if we do decide...
  16. zeddie


    So I wasn't really interested in the beginning, but since it was Open Beta this weekend, I downloaded it and tried it out (on my PS3) Now, I just pre-ordered the White Destiny edition PS4... Who else is buying/playing? PS: for anyone wondering about my opinion on it: it's pretty much Halo FPS...
  17. zeddie

    Wing Commander Saga

    So, I just spent eh... what was it? 8$? to get the Wing Commander saga from Good old Games ( (not the free fan-made game, that's been linked a LOT on /r/StarCitizen) I believe the sale has ended by now, but that's besides the point. I installed Wing Commander 1 & 2, and booted up Wing...
  18. zeddie

    Arena Commander: Landing on the "space platform"

    So I've played a bit (~30 mins) with Arena Commander yesterday, with Mouse + Keyboard, tried a few different modes that I figured out, learned some that I didn't try yet today, so I'll see how it is later when I get home. I did manage to get to Wave 6 of Vanduul Swarm though. I only tried it...
  19. zeddie

    Battlefield 3 (FREE!!! YES 0$!!! ON ORIGIN RIGHT NOW!!!) until June 3, grab it! we may be able to play some great SSS!
  20. zeddie

    Star Wars Revisited

    Rather than a "random spam" this is more of a "random rambling" regarding Star Wars. So, I just recently finished watching the Clone Wars animated series, and felt like re-watching the Star Wars movies again. ok I guess the tags don't work, so I'll avoid Clone Wars spoilers... I presume you...
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