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  1. GarikDuvall


    Hey all. So I'm looking to buy a bike here shortly. Recently got my license and I'm 90% sure I'm going to get an Indian Scout or Scout Sixty. Want to get it in the Ruby metallic which looks amazing with black accents/pipes on the bike. I went and TEST drove one today and it didn't hit me...
  2. GarikDuvall

    ADRIFT | A Star Citizen Machinima

    Searched on here and didn't see anyone had posted this. Just watched first episode (will be four parts), and this is really well done. Like I'm seriously impressed, from the quality of the shots, to the script and voice acting (used actual actors). Great job 'Barely Not Monkeys', I eagerly...
  3. GarikDuvall

    22 Day journey to the Sun

    Didn't see anyone post about this yet, but Bored Gamer did a video other day on 'Deep Space Crew' planning and executing a 22 day journey to the Stanton Star. I LOVE when players do stuff like this. They did it out of genuine scientific curiosity (looking at both in-game physics and out of...
  4. GarikDuvall

    Newsletter cameo

    Look who all made this weeks newsletter :P
  5. GarikDuvall

    Attending any Conventions?

    Any US TESTies attending any nerd cons this year? I'm talking ComicCons, Anime Cons, SciFi cons, etc. If so post potential plans here and maybe some of us can meet up!
  6. GarikDuvall

    It has been done...

    Welp, I finally made the plunge and TEST is now my primary org. So looks like you fuckers are stuck with me lol. On a serious note, I had my own Search & Rescue org and was damn proud of it. Had awesome graphics made up, nice charter and org info written up, etc. My XO was fantastic and had...
  7. GarikDuvall

    Battlefield V

    Know we discussed it some in another thread, but just dedicating one solely to the game and it's updates and for sharing Origin ID's in case anyone wants to group up. State of the game: Overall I'd say not bad, though there are some frustrations. Right now the Tides of War event is pretty...
  8. GarikDuvall

    *taps mic* Is this thing on?

    Hail Test Squadron! Did somebody call for a Medic? 🚑 Garik here. I'm an Original Backer, who owns a small fleet (to my wallet's dismay, currently a Grand Admiral and don't plan to go beyond that). Don't really plan to join TEST proper at this time, as I do run my own small Search & Rescue...
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