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  1. BUTUZ

    I'm Here.

    I am glad your here, I was beginning to get worried!
  2. BUTUZ

    Got dem new boom boom card? Gotta get dem new coolings!

    All serial. Basically - Its PumpRes > GPU > CPU > RAD1 > RAD2 > PumpRes /edit its a d5 pump too which is plenty of grunt for 2 waterblocks and 2 rads.
  3. BUTUZ

    Got dem new boom boom card? Gotta get dem new coolings!

    Yeh I always use a single loop - a radiator don't care if it's cooling a CPU or a GPU or both! Heat is heat!! I am also not one of those RGB colour obsessed I want a milk loop and a red loop or yellow loop and a candy green loop. ONE LOOP (with black pipes) TO RULE THEM ALL AND IN THE...
  4. BUTUZ

    Got dem new boom boom card? Gotta get dem new coolings!

    Thanks all! I will report back on it's ability to possibly play star citizen and also heat the world up by 1 degree. IN the mean time have some SEKSY PIPEZ
  5. BUTUZ

    Got dem new boom boom card? Gotta get dem new coolings!

    Project KoolFramesPerSexOnd underway.
  6. BUTUZ

    If your running solo...................put that bright yellow test armour on...............

    ..............the Ladies...........they notice you!
  7. BUTUZ

    Regarding concierge support

    I wondered why I had 2!! It's actually a good perk as 4 ships a year is poop the way I change my mind. 8 much better.
  8. BUTUZ

    Which is a good couple of ships to start with.

    I posted this is completely the wrong thread lol. I think the Avenger Titan is the best overall beginner ship. However if you do want to take the next step and fork out a bit more - Freelancer is really good all rounder, it's got good guns, you can do bountys with it, box missions...
  9. BUTUZ

    Greetings Spacelings

    O HAI!!!!!!
  10. BUTUZ

    New Pilot reporting for Duty

    Hey welcome!
  11. BUTUZ

    Selling Cargo question

    No but they seem to want to remove anything that's good or useful.
  12. BUTUZ

    Selling Cargo question

    Yep you can park the big boat up in the orbital station and take a little pisces down to do the trade negotiations. Works a treat until CIG remove it.
  13. BUTUZ

    Introducing.... Me!

    Welcome to TEST! :D
  14. BUTUZ

    Advice please! Moving house, but there's a problem

    It's enough to play games. I'd get the big house every time infect I think I'd prefer to sit in my huge garden with a pool and forget all this silly internet stuff! :P
  15. BUTUZ

    Star Citizen 2022. High hopes, low expectations.

    I am particularly interested in if they enable the multigpu functionality that Vulcan brings. Given the shitbox state of the GPU market over the next few years I think it would be a really good idea!!
  16. BUTUZ

    CIG Dev response to Ares Ion nerf

    Heres TEST's response to the DEVS response to the TEST video's resonse to teh NERF BAT
  17. BUTUZ

    what is yalls opinions on org taxes?

    To be honest I would rather pay taxes to Lord Montoya than to all the twat politicians and gov officials I currently pay tax to!
  18. BUTUZ

    Stories from the Noobfront - Trading

    Somehow I always land and leave my engines on and I never blow away. Do you guys that get blown away use keyboard and mouse?
  19. BUTUZ

    Ares Inferno vs ERT

    I had a hard time killing a hurricane in my inferno the other day first time I'd flown it since the nerf. CIG has truly screwed us over and unfortunately I am beginning to see a purposeful pattern - make the ship fucking awesome then put it on sale, everyone buys it as it's OP, then nerf the...
  20. BUTUZ

    Third Anniversary in TEST Squadron

    We're still driunk, Test is still here, Ponty is still a shit'ole. Not much has changed! :D
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