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  1. TypeO

    No Spawn Points in Hangar

    So I started Star Citizen for the first time in a long time (new GPU, finally) and I do not have any of the blue dots in my hangars to spawn any of my ships. Anyone familiar with this prob? The only thing I could find is this FAQ from RSi, which to be honest, is not very comforting...
  2. TypeO

    Modded Minecraft Server - moar progression pics

    Hey everyone, it's been a while, but we have been busy building stuff. Last post I told you I would give my base a makeover, but that didn't happen....instead I moved my base somewehere else! But this time I had the ressources to build something fitting. I present to you: THE EYE OF DERP In...
  3. TypeO

    Modded Minecraft Server - Progress Pics

    Heyo, wanted to give you a little tour of our MC Eternal Server. I have seen a few people check in and take a look, but so far I have not discovered other bases, so here is mine. Home sweet Home, as practical of a guy as I am (which means not very creative), it all started with a hole in a...
  4. TypeO

    Java Minecraft Server (this time with poll).

    EDIT: Test Server is up, details here. There was a bit of confusion in the last MC thread, as Test does have a MInecraft Server, but for the WIndows 10 Bedrock edition (if you are interested in that check in on to the Discord ). This thread is for the modded Java edition. I could open up a 6...
  5. TypeO

    Earth Defense Force (4.1./5)

    I recently jumped into EDF as I found an EDF 4.1. Steam key for 4,50€ and I must say it is a lot of fun. Killing countless giant bugs in an over the top Starship Troopers/Anime setting is quite fun. After each of the 100 or so maps you get to equip your new weapons (which can be everything from...
  6. TypeO

    DotA2 Auto Chess

    I finally managed to get rid of my DotA2 addiction a few years ago and here comes Auto Chess. Auto Chess is a custom game mode for 8 players with the twist that you do not move the pawns by yourself, but rather chose your pawn composition. Pawns are your typical DotA characters with unique...
  7. TypeO

    SkyFactory 3

    I know, liking Minecraft is not very en vogue nowadays, but SkyFactory isn't really Minecraft. It's a collection of over 100 mods from the Feed the Beast collection that change the game completely, except for the graphics shudder. You start in a void world with nothing but a dirt block and a...
  8. TypeO

    LFG Rainbow Six:Siege EU

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some people to make a Siege team on EU servers. As our Australian TEST members are always sleeping when I play, I thought I should try to make an official TEST Siege EU team. I was thinking about playing 2-3 times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and/or Sunday. 1-2...
  9. TypeO

    Steam/Uplay/Origin names

    Hi everyone, I searched, but didn't find a similar thread so I will start one. If you like you can add your Steam/Uplay/Origin username in this Google doc for others to be able to add you. Cheers TypeO
  10. TypeO

    Our monthly discussion in December is about Star Citizen.

    Join us at with your questions/recommendations/input.
  11. TypeO

    Got my PTU invitation, don't know what to expect.

    Hey guys, I haven't been able to follow the Star Citizen development closely for the last few months. I just received an invitation for 2.0 PTU: Crusader Playtest and I have no idea what that means and the email doesn't help to clear my confusion. Is there anyone who already tried it able to...
  12. TypeO

    Human Resource Machine

    No, I am not talking about TEST. Human Resource Machine is a neat little "programming" game. It's basically a game where you have to solve logic puzzles in the style of basic programming. No, you do not need any programming experience, but it helps. More important are your logically...
  13. TypeO

    Listen to this!

    Friends of mine finally finished mixing a few of their songs. If you like rock in style of Incubus (the good Incubus times) give it a shot. Also join Soundcloud Aphel
  14. TypeO

    DotA 2: reborn

    DotA 2 is getting a major overhaul with the new Source 2 engine. A lot of great features come with it: - custom games - better netcode - new graphics - new interface - source filmmaker integration - much more Full details can be found here. If you aren't already a DotA fan, now is the best...
  15. TypeO

    Darkest Dungeon

    Fuck that game. First run: My two chars get killed IN THE TUTORIAL. Fuck that game. Second run: Make it past the tutorial, get three crits in a row in second dungeon, party dies Fuck that game. Third run: Learn how to not rage Alt+F4, learn breathing correctly, close doors and...
  16. TypeO


    This time in my personal series called 'games nobody likes, but me': FACTORIO (or why men like model trains) Imagine a top-down Minecraft without the bullshit. You are stranded (...deep, hehe. that is another review) on a strange planet, inhabited by strange bug-like aliens. Just you, some...
  17. TypeO

    Europa Universalis (4)

    Hi guys, I am bored at work so I thought why not bore you with another (kinda) niche game I really like. Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Interactive EU4 is a game of the grand strategy genre. It is a also beginners title at that. Other games of the genre (Victoria, Hearts of Iron)...
  18. TypeO

    Life is Feudal: Your Own

    So a friend and I started playing Life is Feudal. We normally play WoW and talk in TS as we don't see each other that often in person. A game that doesn't need that much focus to play makes sense for us. Because the new WoW expansion will be released soon, we decided to try something else...
  19. TypeO

    Free Trial Week for Guild Wars 2 - starting 9/25/14

    Guild Wars 2 Website TEST should definitely overrun Guild Wars 2 during the free trial week.
  20. TypeO

    Star Citizen HQ and TEST

    hi Test, I am a longtime and also quite active member of the German Star Citizen community, or Star Citizen Headquarter. They offer to open up private groups for existing organisations and also have a subforum for english speakers. I had the idea to give TEST a private group...
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