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  1. RedBaron1010

    Texas propaganda video

    The "Mighty T" is getting her guns restored currently and the world's last remaining super dreadnaught. It will be making its way to Alabama for complete restoration under its own power for the first time in decades in 2022. This the links to the videos for her. The Last Dreadnaught - USS...
  2. RedBaron1010

    Battlegroup VR

    Anyone playing the game Battlegroup VR? If so is it worth a purchase? I am interested in it mainly for the fleet training that it would provide, plus It's coop. So, I think what I would learn from it would be very beneficial in developing some leadership/strategical skills, and applying these...
  3. RedBaron1010

    Deep space exploration in Vanduul space.

    I am very optimistic of the possibility of either a Bengal or Pegasus Carrier for salvage somewhere in the void behind enemy lines in Vanduul territory. If so, we would have to organize long term search parties for finding them. Just thinking of a fleet of dedicated search vessels. What ships we...
  4. RedBaron1010

    Trading Looking for fellow Banu

    Looking for ppl with Banu Ships to add as friends
  5. RedBaron1010

    Sup dudes

    My Handle in-game is RedBaron1010 Where you from stranger? originally Houston, Tx now in OKC What drew you to Star Citizen? I love flight sims and I love sci fi What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc) Exploration, combat, meeting people online, fun...
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