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  1. Nijal_Lun

    Green Ursa Rover Giveaway Inside! (Thanks to all who donated this past month!)

    Simply put....TEST is and will always be the BEST!
  2. Nijal_Lun


    :) some more pics, this time free roaming. with the way the light was angled, the ranger does look like the predator :) lol
  3. Nijal_Lun


    Not sure how you guys were able to take the screen shots without the hardpoints showing lol. Took these from the forge. When I get a chance later I'll take a few better screen shots. Here's my two so far.
  4. Nijal_Lun

    Anthem sound issues?

    Yeah finally ran into one sound bug but was minor. Occurred right after heavy combat, lost the footstep sounds. But after a cut scene it was back.
  5. Nijal_Lun

    Anthem sound issues?

    lol I only hit level 6 tonight :D still got a ways to go. So far loving the game. Only played about an hour here and there though mission wise. Then goof off free style for a while exploring.
  6. Nijal_Lun

    Anthem sound issues?

    So far haven't ran into any sound issues. I had a different issue with controls though. If you set the key bindings to use the arrow keys as secondary movement controls the character would bounce all over the damn place. Blank them out and set the primary to arrows and fixed the bounce issue...
  7. Nijal_Lun

    Advice on PC upgrade

    All has been sound advice. My option is if you wanted to upgrade, an AMD setup is pretty spot on and will run about anything on todays market. I'm running a Ryzen 5 2600 (non x) 16gb ram on a MSI Tomahawk B450 motherboard and a EVGA GTX 1070 GPU. On battlefield V I am getting low 98 FPS...
  8. Nijal_Lun

    Do we have enough Auroras to blot out the sun? Lets try!

    If I am online at the time sure I'm game :D I don't have an aurora but if sticking to starter ships I do have a Mustang Beta just collecting dust :)
  9. Nijal_Lun

    I'm impressed with the Avenger Titan

    I love the Avenger as well 🙂 I have a Mustang Beta, 315P, Avenger Titan Renegade, Arrow, Constellation Taurus, Freelancer Max and a Prospector. I find myself always going back to the Avenger for some bounties and delivery missions. As for me it doesn't make much sense using the larger ships...
  10. Nijal_Lun

    Greetings from a Former Eve Hel Pilot and Test Member

    Welcome to TEST and Happy New Years to ya! Also a former EVE pilot, played from 2003 - 2012. Used the same handle name there as Nijal Lun. Had plenty of good times. And I'm sure there will be many good times in SC :) Welcome to TEST :)
  11. Nijal_Lun

    What should this US Government Employee do, during the shut down?

    Keep your IT learning ongoing. That's what I do. I've been in IBM RPGILE Programming/Development and Database Builds since 1998 and with RPG being a dead language I'm always trying to learn new tech, get certified so that my options are always open. Making myself marketable should that day...
  12. Nijal_Lun

    Would you want to work at CIG?

    If I had the skill set I probably would. However my expertise is IBM Mainframes / RPGILE Programming & database development for Healthcare systems and enjoy what I currently do. Plus...I work remote 🙂
  13. Nijal_Lun

    WTF 3.4 / 22

    I had similar issue with the Anvil Arrow when trying to fly from PO to Hurston. I would get right at 4 million km before engines would shut down due to overheating. It's an added feature but I don't think it's balanced out yet. So for now in smaller ships we all have the following options...
  14. Nijal_Lun

    [Video] Squadron 42 Roadmap released

    Side note, I assume after they get a good hand on Squad42 they will then possibly start adding the Vanduul to the PU/PTU or at least hopefully.
  15. Nijal_Lun

    [Video] Squadron 42 Roadmap released

    In regards to your question in the video, I for one will not do any early testing on this one. I enjoy it for Star Citizen. However for squadron 42, I enjoy the story and don't like early spoilers or being bounced around different parts in testing. 😉 So I'll patiently wait until it's fully...
  16. Nijal_Lun

    Squadron 42 Roadmap!

    Yup 2018 flew by. And as long as we continue getting these updates in SC, it'll be enough to keep us busy until SC is finished up. Not to mention there is Anthem, The Division 2 and Dying Light 2 coming out in 2019 for those interested. :)
  17. Nijal_Lun

    [Video] 3.4 Roadmap and beyond

    It's looking really good. I am blown away at their attention to detail with this game. And Montoya you are correct about even walking up to the walls in this game, the details are still there in comparison to Fallout 76. It does quite raise the bar in gaming graphics. The screen shot I took...
  18. Nijal_Lun

    My cinematic meandering showcasing the Lorville environment

    Great work and subscribed to your channel! 🙂
  19. Nijal_Lun

    TEST Official Song!?

    Or another. Test Squad will make you jump 🙂 View:
  20. Nijal_Lun

    TEST Official Song!?

    View: 😃
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