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  1. DragonHeart

    Must watch fleet battle !

    This Xeno threat fleet battle video I watched was so amazing that I had to share. I always envisioned something fun and amazing like this, and its finally happening. More events like this would be awesome. :like: Lead us to victory great leader Montoya ! :o7:
  2. DragonHeart

    Derelict ships

    Finally some information about derelict ships in space and on planets ! 18 minutes into the recent ATV. I shall dream about exploring and salvaging. Ow yeah, they also talk about cargo !
  3. DragonHeart

    Starfarer Guns

    The sound of her guns and the power of them ! Gives me hope for the larger ship weaponry.
  4. DragonHeart

    The Anniversary Live Stream Countdown ! + Mark Hamill Interview !

    Alright guys, the Live Stream is soon (TM) today. At 11am PST on Thursday, November 19th. Link: I am so hyped about all the amazing things CIG will announce. How hyped is everyone !? And will you be...
  5. DragonHeart

    Fast food service in the future !

    I found this on the CIG forums. Pretty cool to think the big M survives in the future, probably even thrive?
  6. DragonHeart

    AC: Syndicate

    Waiting for the PS4 to download, going to kick some ass, or stab some people ! Trailer Here's one of my favourite Youtubers playing a mission.
  7. DragonHeart

    My god, what have I done?

    With the Armada Package I'm Grand Admiral now.. I miss the old days when I was worried pledging for the constellation. I need another beer !
  8. DragonHeart

    Explosions !

    The Explosion Effects from Around the Verse Episode 2.02 Its Beautiful, Watch and Enjoy ! PS: I pulled this off youtube, if anyone has a better version please update.
  9. DragonHeart

    Chris Roberts Responds to Derek Smart

    Chris Roberts has responded to Derek Smart and his claims. Its a long but well constructed response, have a read and enjoy. Edit: here is The Escapist article...
  10. DragonHeart

    Orion is here !

    The Orion is here and She is Glorious ! Drones RSI Orion - Transmission Mining Careers by Tony Zurovec, Director, Persistent Universe...
  11. DragonHeart

    Hey !

    Where you from stranger? I'm 28 years old and live in Australia, Queensland. What drew you to Star Citizen? Sexy Space Ships and Big Guns ! What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc) Mostly Exploration and Trade, however I do like showing off my Big Guns. What was...
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