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  1. Skyre

    So another odd question...

    Bunch of dinosaur toys on top of the consoles on the bridge of my Corsair.
  2. Skyre

    o7 Hi!

    Welcome! As per all initiations, please sign all appropriate lines on your contract so that TEST may "haz all your stuffz" upon your untimely demise. Thank you, and welcome to the team!
  3. Skyre

    Xenothreat - Ares Ion vs Retaliator and Eclipse

    Last event I ran an Eclipse with FL-22 laser cannons & stock torps. Never lost one. I can't underscore enough how handy it is to be able to slip in to the fight, launch a torp, then vanish again. Rinse and repeat, and only needing a friendly station for rearming. I get why the Ares would also...
  4. Skyre

    New Star Citizen Ship: Drake Cutlass Steel

    So I currently have the Black as a fill-in ship, while I figure out what to CCU it to, and holy shit I wouldn't want to use this thing to land troops with. Extra guns be damned. Any decent PvP fighter would fly right through you during a landing attempt, unless you come in hot. And if you come...
  5. Skyre

    Hello, I'm Shadow

    Welcome to the team!
  6. Skyre

    New here ready to crash and have fun.

    I mean, it's good you want to crash, that's half your TEST pilot training, right there ;) Welcome!
  7. Skyre

    I'm Here.

    I'm disappointed I was the first to make it. Clearly the crew is losing their touch :P
  8. Skyre

    I'm Here.

    Hi Here, I'm Skyre. Also, welcome!
  9. Skyre

    If your running solo...................put that bright yellow test armour on...............

    Here's my usual look, when I can be bothered to fly to Hex. Arden helmet, TCS-4 undersuit, and Arden backpack are all from A18/ArcCorp. Armour is Inquis set from Grim Hex.
  10. Skyre

    If your running solo...................put that bright yellow test armour on...............

    The Inquisitor parts are all Grim Hex, if that helps.
  11. Skyre

    Regarding concierge support

    Randson hit the nail on the head. Only 2 bonuses were discussed, first being the extra BBT, second being free SC package (not inc S42).
  12. Skyre

    Regarding concierge support

    Chairman's Club support is a coin flip. Could go either way. But they're majorly understaffed these days, so it's not a case of poor staff, and more a case of backlog and overwork. There are some extremely entitled SOBs though, so gotta give em credit where it's due. That being said, it would...
  13. Skyre

    Which is a good couple of ships to start with.

    Short, sweet, and simple: It depends on what you're into. Atmo bounties are good with the 300 series, but less so with the Cutties, for example. At a "base" level, I usually recommend the Avenger Titan (does a little of everything, flies well in atmo). The Cutty Black is good for a lot, but...
  14. Skyre

    Hey all!

    Please report to obligatory Aurorageddon training at your earliest convenience. We'd advise adult diapers, fresh dark pants, or brown pants, as part of your attire for said training. Thank you, and welcome to TEST.
  15. Skyre

    Coming from unsuccessful orgs

    Welcome to TEST! Please keep your arms, legs, and other body appendages inside the vehicle at all times. If, in the event of an emergency, you wish to leave, please remember your allocated safe word. Thank you, and we here at TEST hope you have a safe, productive, and survivable experience.
  16. Skyre

    Introducing.... Me!

    Its amazing how many of us used to play EVE xD You'll find SC is much more enjoyable haha. Welcome to the team!
  17. Skyre

    New Pilot reporting for Duty

    Dont forget your compulsory Aurora! I joke, welcome!
  18. Skyre

    Greetings Spacelings

    Welcome, Boots!
  19. Skyre

    Gonna Be off Coms for a bit...

    Have a speedy recovery mate!
  20. Skyre


    Fresh Meat! Erm, I mean... Welcome! :D
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