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  1. GarikDuvall

    Love, Death, and Robots

    Nice, I will check it out soon :D
  2. GarikDuvall

    St. Patricks Day(Stella Fortuna) Sale - A lot of wait for next to nothing

    1) OK, so I agree this was a very underwhelming special sale. But after some thought, I've come to the conclusion that that reaction is my own fault (and likely majority of SC community shares this) because I made it out to be more than it was. I get too hyped over every special sale, and...
  3. GarikDuvall

    Intro Thread

    Welcome aboard Icecat
  4. GarikDuvall

    TEST Beer mugs, shot glasses, patches and vinyl decals!

    I will def be getting a mug! :D
  5. GarikDuvall

    guys guys guys and gals....

    Think we found a new Public Information Officer 🧐
  6. GarikDuvall

    St. Patricks Day(Stella Fortuna) Sale - A lot of wait for next to nothing

    So with the AtV that showed the Green Ursa, it also covered new holiday called Stella Fortuna (sounds sort of like a St Patricks day, but celebrates colonizing of Mars). Maybe TEST should capitalize on that day, where we go "all out" with our partying and shenanigans. People start wondering...
  7. GarikDuvall

    I was honestly not sure if I really needed an 890J...

    The graybox images/vids already look so beautiful that I wouldn't mind making an alt just to serve on board this ship (even if it's just "the help").
  8. GarikDuvall

    St. Patricks Day(Stella Fortuna) Sale - A lot of wait for next to nothing

    I say orbital platform. So if someone stiffs the bill, we jettison them out an airlock.
  9. GarikDuvall

    St. Patricks Day(Stella Fortuna) Sale - A lot of wait for next to nothing

    My bank account won't survive a Green 890 Jump x.x
  10. GarikDuvall


    Caves... thank god, now I can be a proper space hermit.
  11. GarikDuvall

    Argo SRV Q&A is out

    Ya, I'm pretty sure that's how it'll ACTUALLY be done. My query for the train of SRV's was more for fuckeries sake.
  12. GarikDuvall

    Argo SRV Q&A is out

    So when an ARV tows a ship, does the ARV gain the mass of the ship towed? Like can an ARV tow an ARV that is towing a Cutlass? Or would that be too much mass for it? My end theory I'm getting at is...Can we make a conga line of SRV's towing other SRV's because... reasons? [Edit: If so, the...
  13. GarikDuvall

    Disney Star Wars theme park

    Not big on everything they do... but I for one will have to visit this park. I'm hearing the hotel (which looks like you are on a starship, to include your room "windows" look out in space) will be a high end luxury place. As in the 200 hotel rooms will be very expensive. Will wait and see.
  14. GarikDuvall

    Late to the party

    You have seen the wisdom of Glorious Leader Montoya! Welcome, may his blessing be bestowed upon you friend! It's never too late to become a testie! Transport and info running... two good career paths. I plan to look into those on the side (Search & Rescue/Medical as my primary). Also...
  15. GarikDuvall

    SC Valentines Day Sale

    The V-Day Cyclone is confirmed different. It says so in the description that its cherry red. Its basically the one shown at the beginning of the ATV video (even though that was fan made, its going be similar looking, maybe just slightly darker shade of red). Therefore, it wouldn't make sense...
  16. GarikDuvall

    SC Valentines Day Sale

    Well the picture looks like it might be red on top. Can't be sure, but if the other two are different then I'd have to think the 85 is as well.
  17. GarikDuvall

    SC Valentines Day Sale

    I have way to damn many ships now. With these two I'm up to 12. And I'm still deciding on the Argo single/pack too smh.
  18. GarikDuvall

    SC Valentines Day Sale

    sigh I went ahead and bought it, along with the red 85X 😵 I don't need the damn thing, but I'm a big fan of the WWII style nose art.
  19. GarikDuvall

    Whats behind him??

    We should have a public and private lore page. Private for members where we actually chronicle our achievements & dates. The public however will be mostly true, but contain embellishments (read propaganda). The public one should also be changed periodically because it is the drunken retelling...
  20. GarikDuvall


    So once again I face the dilemma. Do I really need this ship? Ok, so I already have all of the medical/SAR/utility ships (minus crucible). So I can go salvage a derelict ship of any size, I can do basic repairs/refuel to a small/medium sized ship, and I can provide medical assistance to any...
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