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  1. supitza


    WEEE! Hello DEEE!
  2. supitza

    Crazy Star Chick joining the heard of cats

    MODERATORS PLESAES! Also, welcome to TEST!
  3. supitza

    Green Ursa Rover Giveaway Inside! (Thanks to all who donated this past month!)

    TEST is BEST because of all you guys. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the official color of that Ursa, according to the Pantone Matching System, is "liver injury puke green". It's horrendous.
  4. supitza

    Join test in The Division 2!

    I just bought the game today. Sadly, I have to work to feed my family, so I won't be able to play for a few more hours. Looking forward to seeing you guys and gals in Washington DC.
  5. supitza

    Update Needed

    If there isn't a particular game that you're upgrading for, I'd suggest the SSD as well. The CPU could be a priority as well, but then you'd have to also upgrade the MoBo and RAM (DDR3 -> DDR4), and your wife might not be happy with the price of your birthday gift.
  6. supitza

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    If this is anything like Dark Souls, it will be a LOT more than twice for me. Getting killed, that is.
  7. supitza

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    ? It's $60 on Steam. The regular price for a AAA.
  8. supitza

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Is anyone else excited for this new Soulsborne coming out March 22nd?
  9. supitza

    Anthem bricking ps4 warning

    A drink coaster in not useless. My spotless desk is testament to this.
  10. supitza

    Anthem.... another let down.

    Awesome, after the game suddenly shut down and kicked me out without notice to update itself, I go on to play my first mission after the patch: a legendary contract. During the first objective, we're fighting a Titan and he despawns at about 50% health. Fine, we move on. We go to the next...
  11. supitza

    Anthem.... another let down.

    This is what I mean by incompatible loot. +175% physical damage on a Storm seal that only does lightning damage. The gear icon next to it means the stat only affects the piece of gear it's on. So for this piece in particular, it does nothing. Another example is + autocannon damage on gear for...
  12. supitza

    Anthem.... another let down.

    Even though the game is objectively very bad (crashes, muted sound, lost items, repetitive missions, incompatible loot inscriptions etc.) and it pisses me off SO HARD SOMETIMES, I somehow keep logging in and playing for a little while every day until I get pissed again. My Origin Premier Access...
  13. supitza

    Dune games incoming, should I get my hopes up?

    Until the Dune games, if you have Skyrim and GTA 5 lined up, make sure you play them. They're both extraordinary games.
  14. supitza

    Glorious TEST Javelins!

    After 45 fking minutes of fighting a Luminary on GM2 (who balanced this? why the hell would I not do 3 missions on GM1 in the same amount of time?) the game crashes and I get booted to the main screen. For the 20th time this week. Why can't they register the items you loot at the exact fucking...
  15. supitza

    Glorious TEST Javelins!

    The two best combos for the Storm right now are (Ice Blast + Burning Orb) and (Frost Shards + Lightning Strike). Both setups have a primer and a detonator, so you can nuke to your heart's content. Keep everything frozen and go ham. To help with the cooldowns, there are one or two Storm...
  16. supitza

    Glorious TEST Javelins!

    34 hours in. I've been lucky with the drops.
  17. supitza

    Glorious TEST Javelins!

    For some reason I can't ss in Anthem, so I took a picture with my phone.
  18. supitza


    I see what you did there. You have a TEST Interceptor. I'll post pics of my Storm as soon as I get home.
  19. supitza

    I am a very serious youtuber now!

    If you "leak" some nude photos of yourself you'll get even more subscribers. /wink
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