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  1. Dethanor

    I Got My New TEST Swag

    ... "Glasses with a fake nose and mustache attached to them would be mandatory." Fixed it for ya.
  2. Dethanor

    [Video] Montoya solves the P2W argument forever!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought pay to win meant pay to access exclusive content that cant be earnt in game (in this century) that gives an unbeatable advantage. Good points raised in this video. Still think people will cry about it, but they don't get that big ships does not equal...
  3. Dethanor

    interesting take on VR

    That could work. I also have a track IR head tracker that works really well. Takes some setting up to get the deadzones correct but once you get used to it a slight turn of the head makes you look out of the side window without having to squint out of the corner or your eye. Honestly haven't...
  4. Dethanor

    interesting take on VR

    I've got a rift and it is amazing for elite dangerous with hotas. However I agree that the fps aspects of this game will be problematic. It's a shame the performance impact VR has on a system make it an all or nothing kinda thing. Otherwise you could just lift the goggles when you land and use...
  5. Dethanor

    Luke is not dead

    I'm not angry, just disappointed. And Luke is dead. Even if they somehow write him back in to to the third film in some way (not just a force ghost) the character that fans have followed all these years is gone. Clearly you have more invested in this than I so it seems pointless to debate this...
  6. Dethanor

    Luke is not dead

    There is a rule in narrative storytelling that exists for the purpose of building a believable world. You set the rules of your world and you never break them or else you lose the suspension of disbelief. In starwars they cross great distances with faster than light travel and they have a...
  7. Dethanor

    Luke is not dead

    He had beautiful foliage.
  8. Dethanor

    Luke is not dead

    Hate to disagree with you but I think you are reading far to much into the last Jedi in the hopes that there is some redeeming meaning to the nonsense. The last film failed to resonate with fans not because they expected/wanted a childish action movie but simply because it wasn't very good...
  9. Dethanor

    Luke is not dead

    As a huge starwars fan (seriously my my son Ben has the middle name Kenobi) I can't express how disappointed I am with the new saga films (rogue one and solo were good) and the problem is obvious to me. When they decided to make 3 more films they made the insane choice to not write am outline...
  10. Dethanor

    The Expanse (No Spoilers)

    They didn't really give a reason apart from wanting to concentrate on other things. It was the highest rated show (rotten tomatoes) to be dropped during the new season murder period. It got saved thanks to a big social media push and someone flying a plane with a "save the expanse" banner over...
  11. Dethanor

    The Expanse (No Spoilers)

    Love the fact they have no science magic (warp drive shield etc) so it's almost believable. They have to compensate for time delay in communications etc and use real orbital mechanics to get around. Makes you appreciate point defence cannons. And don't even get me started on rail guns......
  12. Dethanor

    The Expanse (No Spoilers)

    All hands get ready for flip and burn. Both series and books are amazing. Also have to say some of the best casting I've ever seen in tv, rarely does an actor fit perfectly with the book character in your head, but the expanse pulls it off with most of the cast. Also love the realism, no other...
  13. Dethanor

    Thoughts on 3.2 and CONCERNE (so it's a rant ofc)

    I get most of these frustrations. It is hard to wait for the game we have all looked forward to for so long. I do have trust in CIG that they want this to work as badly as we do, so have always given them the benefit of the doubt. I have recently had many conversations with my gamer friends...
  14. Dethanor

    3.2 getting some rave revues from long time backers

    Managed to team up with a few of the guys last night and had my first multi crew flight/fight in a Connie. (Thanks for that guys) didn't manage to help much as I ended up stuck in my chair but was amazing to watch. Had to bail when the kids started acting up but not due to huge pc melting crash...
  15. Dethanor

    Getting the gang together.

    So with the stable (ish) release of 3.2 and the new group system who would be up for some group missions and stuff? I have yet to actually meetup with any of you guys in game. However as features are added and things actually work maybe we can do so. I'm in the UK so time May be an issue...
  16. Dethanor

    3.2 live

    Yeah have to agree. So far this is the most stable build. Can see the scale of this project when it all works. Played for about an hour no crashes fps about 35. Love the rework of the avenger.
  17. Dethanor

    Hercules military transport

    Was trying to figure out what it reminded me off all day. Then it hit me..... Thunderbirds are GO!
  18. Dethanor

    First draft images of the JR Fabs SC PC Crate I won are in

    That's fraking cool as frak.
  19. Dethanor

    I'm here and ready to fling poop! Or lasers, or whatever. Pew

    Welcome aboard. Let's drink poo and throw beer..... er something like that anyway.
  20. Dethanor

    New Squadronion here ;)

    Welcome to the squadron. First computer I ever played on was a zx81 spectrum so I get the feels. (Still have nightmares about the horrible loading screen and dizzy the egg.)
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