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  1. SeungRyul

    Guilded User Feedback

    Hey all! Wanted to share a unique opportunity. Guilded is doing some user research and giving out gift cards in return for design feedback. You can sign up here: The one condition they have is that you should not be an active Guilded user.
  2. SeungRyul

    GameGlass special discount for TEST Squadron [UPDATE Code Works Forever Now]

    Hello TESTies, Hope everyone is doing well and that the US folks here had a wonderful Thanksgiving. In light of Citizencon + Black Friday, GameGlass is having a 20% discount for TEST Squadron members until December 5th! Thanks to August (and our TEST members at Citizencon 2019) for reaching out...
  3. SeungRyul

    Sixth anniversary of TEST Squadron and my membership!

    Just got the following notification today: Before accepting this award I would like to express my sincerest thanks to my ever-supporting family, the neverending hordes of TESTes, the beer, and our glorious leader Montoya (may he reign eternal). To be granted such a prestigious recognition by...
  4. SeungRyul

    Our Discord has streaming now!

    Discord now allows you to stream your game to voice channels now! It's a casual, no-frills streaming function that can allow TEST members to watch what you are up to. It's extremely easy to setup and start streaming. How to Join Streams: 1) Enter voice channel of a person streaming. 2) Click...
  5. SeungRyul

    Making a TEST Avatar Generator for Discord, Need Feedback

    Avatar Generator Link: I was inspired to do this project after seeing another org rocking some sweet avatar badges for their members. Asking around it looks like there are other members who want a TEST badge/frame for their Discord/Forum avatars and be able to...
  6. SeungRyul

    Shadow Setup Guide + Feedback We have partnered with Shadow to give TEST members an exclusive $10 off their first month. You can sign up and try for 30 days to see if the service is worth it for you! Shadow Signup Referral Link: Shadow Non-Referral...
  7. SeungRyul

    GameGlass Preview + Lifetime License Giveaway!

    Article: We will also be running a giveaway up till February 18th in our Discord server (#giveaways channel) for a Lifetime license to GameGlass ($149 value). Winner must be a TEST member and I kindly ask them to provide...
  8. SeungRyul

    CitizenCON 2018 picture repository

    Lets try to collate all our Citizencon 2018 pictures into this thread!
  9. SeungRyul


    We got emojis back. And they are faster too! 👌
  10. SeungRyul

    Forum Software Backend Upgraded - Frontend WIP

    Hey all, As you might have noticed, the forums are looking different after last night's upgrade. This was due to the fact that the software we were running on was horribly out of date and continuously breaking. While the backend upgrades are now done, the front-end part is still in progress...
  11. SeungRyul

    SCUM TEST Server is Up!

    Server IP: Reddit Thread: Our server for SCUM is now up! @Khalix should be your point of contact as he is our survival expert!
  12. SeungRyul

    can i have full perms?

    Sadly he then left the Discord server and blocked me :(
  13. SeungRyul

    Server Migration Complete! UNLIMITED POWER!

    Hey Citizens! Our server has completed its migration from Germany back to Seattle, US. We are now chugging along on a vastly superior server with much better network connectivity around the world. Our new server hoster is SpartanHost who as our new partner was able to get an insanely low rate...
  14. SeungRyul

    [Successful] Forum Upgrade Finished

    What: Forum Upgrade When: August 6th 03:00 UTC I will be performing a major upgrade of our forum back-end. Please be aware that the connection to the site will be intermittent during this update. After the update, I am sure there will 100% be bugs. As a result, I will be creating a separate...
  15. SeungRyul

    CONCERN I have uncovered heresy of the highest order!!!

    In the latest State of the Squadron 32 (10:08 mark), Montoya is talking about expansion of our officer corp. But he also shows his votes for the latest polls on our discord. This specifically concerns me: TEST is official SOP for any Bengals captured was to always ram it into the sun. Now I...
  16. SeungRyul

    [Video] Purchaseable UEC Hardcap Removal

    View: Wow back to YouTubing...Not sure if it is going to be a regular thing but just had to get back into using video editing software and I thought this would okay practice.
  17. SeungRyul

    Whenever I send out an @everyone on our Discord server

  18. SeungRyul

    Underground lake of liquid water found on Mars!!

    Source: This subglacial lake, discovered by a ground-penetrating radar on the Mars Express spacecraft, is about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) wide and perhaps no more than a meter...
  19. SeungRyul

    Interest in a Book Club?

    Gauging interest for a monthly book club. Mostly Sci-Fi and fantasy!
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