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  1. Vavrik

    Let's all @blind owl.

    It's too bad you picked today of all days to log into SC. The servers were more borked than Bob and Doug's 12 days of @Blind Owl I mean Beer. No, I mean Christmas. But also Beer.
  2. Vavrik

    Veteran Looking For Home

    Welcome to TEST.
  3. Vavrik

    Friendly reminder that warbond CCUs are a thing

    You'll find the C8X comes in handy when trying to get out of a gravity well too, and it can take 2 passengers as long as they aren't looking for comfort and don't mind looking at each other.
  4. Vavrik

    Shit new applicants are saying

    Well you would kind of need a valid RSI account, so the only thing we can judge is the goon part. Probably diabetic and experiencing the beginnings of kidney failure. I mean judging from our diet. Hotdogs and hamburgers or chicken burgers that crunch when you eat them?
  5. Vavrik

    Anvil Terrapin .

    It's supposed to be a 1 man ship. Pilot either flies it (hopefully in get out of dodge mode) or spies on stuff. I have one but there's a 50-50 chance I'll upgrade it for something more useful before it is finished.
  6. Vavrik

    Friendly reminder that warbond CCUs are a thing

    lol, the only CCU chain I actually completed was for my BMM, and I have no idea how to repeat it. What I know is it took 3 years, but I got the BMM for a song compared with retail. Now I do play the CCU chain game often, but I keep getting distracted by new ships and changing my ... LOOK...
  7. Vavrik

    Hi i'm mechcell

    Welcome to TEST! I have a similar set of conditions btw, for me it's the result of an injury. There are a few others around with various other difficulties. So don't worry about that at all, there's almost always someone around that understands at least a little, but maybe a lot.
  8. Vavrik

    Hey Testers !

    lol. Old is a state of mind. There are a few of us that remember Pong. Welcome to TEST. See? I said that without. Saying anything about. Your choice between Kirk. or Picard.
  9. Vavrik

    New Concept Sale - Legionnaire

    I was trying to think of something to say about this... I think you nailed it. The ship, I'm not so sure about just yet.
  10. Vavrik

    Hey, I'm Lando!

    Welcome to TEST!
  11. Vavrik

    New guy

    Welcome to TEST! BTW. I just discovered a German Pilsener I haven't tasted before... called, well on the label it's called Warsteiner... no idea how it stacks up over there, but it's a bit of a welcome change for me here in the US.
  12. Vavrik

    Newer guy

    Welcome to TEST! I might add that ethanol applied in liberal quantities can clear that blindness up for you.
  13. Vavrik

    Intro to this New Recruit

    Welcome to TEST! You should drop by Discord and say Hi.
  14. Vavrik

    Shit new applicants are saying

    Yeah, can't walk properly till you get it loose again.
  15. Vavrik

    New Player Guide getting to Invictus Free Flight 2022

    That used to be a set of black armor up to the end of last patch, which was a suitable replacement armor if you didn't have yellow and black... except it made you a candidate for the enemy team during training events. Now, it's red and black, which makes you look like either a civilian or...
  16. Vavrik

    How to drop in on the inlaws--orb over

    That is too cool! My wallet ran to the door when I watched it. It took me almost 2 hours to get it to calm down.
  17. Vavrik

    Sagittarius A*

    This is a little hard to explain. It is not a photo, it's a bunch of photons. Not coherent like a picture which would mean they have been ejected from the event horizon to be seen., instead they would be orbiting the event horizon at the speed of light. Your only chance of seeing them is if...
  18. Vavrik

    Sagittarius A*

    It is a hypothesis, but is unprovable with current methods. btw, there is an important distinction to make, and I'll try to keep it in terms that my kids get. In science, a hypothesis is essentially an idea, the equivalent of a what if. A theory is a hypothesis that has some evidence that...
  19. Vavrik

    Sagittarius A*

    That is actually the sound of your wallet screaming in agony.
  20. Vavrik

    This is why I bought the Endeavor...

    Cultured! Thanks for the reminder man! View:
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