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  1. Lethal1961

    Veteran Looking For Home

    Welcome to Test Exam 🙂 .
  2. Lethal1961

    Anvil Terrapin .

    That chair needs to go and open it up a little put those functions over to the pilot .
  3. Lethal1961

    Anvil Terrapin .

    I don't get the price of this ship it literally has no room inside to do anything with it maybe once the scanning mechanic comes in it would be useful but for now its basically useless . Good use for it lol . .
  4. Lethal1961


    The jacket just finished it off for me .
  5. Lethal1961

    Hey Testers !

    Picard or Kirk 🤔 back in my day Kirk was the only option . Welcome to Test 😊 .
  6. Lethal1961

    Hey, I'm Lando!

    Welcome to Test ! . :)
  7. Lethal1961


    I got the Saitek X56 yeah I'm sure I will need to put in a little time with it .
  8. Lethal1961

    Best SC vid by far, so far.

    That was cool as hell would have been good to see the A2's carpet bomb them .
  9. Lethal1961

    The future of gaming

    Wow that's crazy I have played WOT since closed beta and other that a few premium tanks I have probably spent less than 300 bucks for all the years I have played . I can't play regularly but have over 35 tier X tanks with more than 45k battle's .
  10. Lethal1961


    So I'm back out this week working and cannot wait to get home and start setting up my new Hotas it made it there today along with the mounts and the Tobii eye tracker will be there Friday. Add all that and Invictus starting (my first one) and I'm excited to get home and see it all like a kid at...
  11. Lethal1961

    The future of gaming

    The things he brings up are all over alot of games several I have played for years are that way now with the battle passes and loot boxes. Some rarely even put out content to be purchased you haft to gamble and try to get it in a loot box . Yeah it's definitely a game mechanic that more and more...
  12. Lethal1961

    New Player Guide getting to Invictus Free Flight 2022

    Was just there it was my first station I lived in .
  13. Lethal1961

    🏴‍☠️ Data Center Security Breach ⚔ LIVE, Saturday May 14, 22:00 UTC / 6 PM EST

    No fun for me game crashed couldn't recover any ships doing a account reset now .
  14. Lethal1961

    🏴‍☠️ Data Center Security Breach ⚔ LIVE, Saturday May 14, 22:00 UTC / 6 PM EST

    So do we meet somewhere to load up troops onto the m2's what is the plan for that ? .
  15. Lethal1961

    Sagittarius A*

    Yes I bet it's almost as loud the sucking sound this game makes when you buy a ship 😆 .
  16. Lethal1961

    Sagittarius A*

    I bet my Aurora MR could do it lol .
  17. Lethal1961

    Ship Matrix

    I like mine 🙂 .
  18. Lethal1961

    This is why I bought the Endeavor...

    Loved them guys growing up listened to pretty much all their albums I have the Big bambu pristine with the paper inside yeah their classic man .
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