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  1. Han Burgundy

    This is why I bought the Endeavor...

    Definitely not for growing spaceweed. For sure. Absolutely... Okay, maybe a little spaceweed.
  2. Han Burgundy

    Bedsheet physics are holding back Star Citizen!

    I always thought that "Soft body physics" meant that CIG was finally adding fat people...
  3. Han Burgundy

    Fashion is the true endgame.

    Brash. Elegant. Defiantly Male. Crusader's Blue Steele Collection Coming This June.
  4. Han Burgundy

    Fashion is the true endgame.

    YAAAAASSSSSSSS. Fashion show, BITCHES!!!!!
  5. Han Burgundy

    Semi-optional social convention

    Informal greeting followed by attempt at humor and/or witty banter. Mission complete.
  6. Han Burgundy

    Upcoming Subscriber Flairs (Updated regularly)

    Cave + Helmet light off + Pistol light = *Chef Kiss* Can't wait for alien spiders that skitter off the walls and try to climb up your B-hole
  7. Han Burgundy

    I came for the cookies

    Come for the cookies, stay because you're chained to the radiator.
  8. Han Burgundy

    3.17 IS LIVE!! lord. there are so many NPCs wandering around and none of them were standing on furniture. I suspect there is something going on on the backend that they aren't advertising, because it seemed like the NPCs were unburdened from their classic Tick-rate issues. *Tin foil hats on* They are...
  9. Han Burgundy

    NFTs: did I just hear a 'pop' or is this more of a 'blip'?

    NFTs are, and will remain, primarily a marketplace to launder money; Just like the "high art" scene before it, but with crypto-bucks. Sure, average piss-ant millionaires can pull their publicity stunts and grifts, but that does nothing but draw the spotlight away from the billionaires running...
  10. Han Burgundy

    Fresh cannon fodder

    Welcome to spaceshipfriendsland. Your complementary mug and T-shirt can be found at the bottom of the deepest cave on Hurston.
  11. Han Burgundy

    Let's all @blind owl.

  12. Han Burgundy

    Mr Anderson. We've missed YOU......

    Oh yes, my original BigShip...She's a BMM now, but I remember my days wandering her halls. Primptly getting lost, then finding a vent to quote Die Hard in. Those stairs with the dark and/or angry gods that inhabited them. I also remember that KER-Chunk of those massive cannons and the blossoms...
  13. Han Burgundy

    Let's all @blind owl.

    @Blind Owl
  14. Han Burgundy

    New Refinery Concept Ship: MISC Expanse

    I love the smell of LOOPS in the morning.... Miners call in Refiners who require Haulers who attract Pirates who necessitate Escort/security. The Org Ops for some serious Ca$h are comin', guys and gals!
  15. Han Burgundy

    New refuel intro page on RSI

  16. Han Burgundy

    Star Atlas tries to sell $30k ship NFT. Nobody buys it.

    A fool and his money are soon parted...But even a fool can detect the faint scent of bullshit wafting off this whole project.
  17. Han Burgundy

    Star Citizen patch 3.17 introducing loot rarity

    Daddy's going for that all-gold outfit for hitting Wally's in
  18. Han Burgundy


    In a word? Clusterfuck. That goddamn A.I. had better hurry up and enslave us all before we nuke ourselves. Literally the only scenario in which humanity sees the year 2100. I, for one, welcome our robot overlords. Hindsight is 20|20, but our 'foresight' is likely to drive us straight into a wall.
  19. Han Burgundy

    Хороброму українському народові бажаю сили та акуратності

    Хороброму українському народові бажаю сили та акуратності
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