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  1. Dalarast

    Issue Council - PTU 3.13 - Major DSYNC causing major combat issues need your support Testies! This is for the PTU issue council on the current 3.13 PTU patch. Alot of players are reporting a major DSYNC in combat but the original issue ticket was created in the LIVE issue council due to some...
  2. Dalarast


    Welcome to the Squardon!
  3. Dalarast

    Wattup Testies!

    Welcome to the Squardon!
  4. Dalarast

    Hello there TEST Squadron

    You know if they fixed these planets from jumping at us while EXPERTLY flying our ships.. you wouldn't crash as much. Welcome to the Best Squardon!
  5. Dalarast

    Test Squadron Javelin Hijack, February 2021

    Once more.. amazing! And this is a Wendys!
  6. Dalarast

    Xenothreat - feedback on mission on Live server

    It's also not so much the Tali's being able to score damage on the Capital ships easily and the ships defenses being beefed up - but the AI of the fleet. Iwas sitting almost static with a Idris as I rolled/strafed casually to avoid the amazing sounding rail gun fly past from 1-2km out off its...
  7. Dalarast


    Wife and I personally love Katee Sackhoff's youtube channel. She just has like a charm that makes you smile. Don't know if its a fake Hollywood persona; but between her youtube and interviews on Fat Man and Beyond - and the BSG podcast with Marc - she just comes across as "fun" and not to...
  8. Dalarast

    Marking time - Where have we been, Where are we going?

    I also really enjoyed the Xenothreat and can't wait to see many more events come out. I also got to participate in the last day of assisting the XT out for some added game play in what I think will be a preview to come when PvP is more of a focus and allow the event to be more than just sitting...
  9. Dalarast

    Five years in this Org?!?

    It’s crazy how much time passes since we all joined and how we far the game and the org has come.
  10. Dalarast

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Been waiting for an upgraded one. I also printed the same one; but did it on my FDM and not SLA so wasn't to happy with the quality due to all the internals.
  11. Dalarast

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Is that the file from the holoviewer or thingiverse or somewhere else? Looks like a fun print.
  12. Dalarast

    Flashback five years

    Back when AC worked better..
  13. Dalarast

    Insurance claims picked as most frustrating issue of Star Citizen 3.12

    Starmap is my kryptonite. I have tried all the tricks sometimes and it doesn't load. Sometimes I have to jump out of the system and attempt to plot - I think it has to do with loading as I have more loading issues than others I game with - oh Everus Harbor didn't load and I crashed into it...
  14. Dalarast

    Space hello

    Welcome to the Squardon! Currently living right outside of Seattle. Can’t say I love it - but still is the west coast!
  15. Dalarast

    VirtualAce (Now N_forcer from Aerospace Alliance) Exploiting / Lag Switching Drama Queen

    Man that was a blast from the past reading through it again. Almost made me go pop some popcorn and grab a cool beer to read.
  16. Dalarast

    35 seconds Idris Kill

    Amazing. Torps are hit or miss - and the bug where they don’t fire is something I feel in more core. Lining up a sight on a HH or a idris and launching... to not launch. Fear. I then move off the joystick and goto mouse. Nothing. More escorts arrive..... finally I say out loud to Christ...
  17. Dalarast


    Welcome to the Squardon! NBA 2k9 was my basketball game of choice.... don’t know why I still go back to it when I can. That and NBA Jams..... he’s on fire!
  18. Dalarast


    Welcome to the Squardon!
  19. Dalarast

    Horrible Star Citizen Attack Piece! Be Strong!

    The joy of using Reddit comments as a source for a news article. And bingo board - you mean drinking game board! Every time Montoya refers to the bingo board you drink!!
  20. Dalarast

    Hey All!

    Welcome to the Squardon! Which Captain Riker? Original or transporter clone Riker?
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