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  1. Texelis

    Virpil Constellation thumb stick

    I've got the thumb stick mapped to the speed limiter, I've also tried free look. The problem is the sensitivity is too touchy. It jumps so quickly, hard to control it for fine adjustments. I've tried adjusting deadzone, and saturation. How can I dial this down?
  2. Texelis

    Anyone hodling AMC or GME?

    It's been quite the ride. I sold my GME months ago, but still holding 7600 shares of AMC To the MOON!
  3. Texelis

    Tex's OG LTI Shop

    ALL CCU's have been removed after changes from CIG. Remaining available ships are stand alone original LTI. Thank you for your patronage! Original LTI ships Test members only. 4% PayPal fee. I've been around awhile, bought and sold some stuff, people have said nice things. ORIGINAL LTI SHIPS...
  4. Texelis

    Help with Virpil controller!

    Hi all, So I'm trying to configure a Virpil Constellation JS left hand. The js shows up in the virpil software, I can create a profile and calibrate. During calibration there is a "Slider" axis that seems to move with my Y axis. When centering all axis, so they sit at 50%, this slider axis...
  5. Texelis

    Organization Reputation

    We spoke briefly in chat regarding this, I believe it deserves some more discussion. I think there are going to be rep goals organizations are going to want to strive for. As rep will be the median of the members, having upstanding citizens and criminals contributing to the rep pool could be...
  6. Texelis

    5 Year anniversary!? omg 5 years wasted...

    Today is my 5th year in Test! 🥳 Thank you all for making the wait so much more palatable!! Let's get through the next 5 so we can play the Beta.
  7. Texelis

    Halp!! Kernel Power error ID 41

    If anyone can offer ideas on the cause, or solutions to this problem, I would be forever grateful. I have been fighting my computer for 9 months. Random black screens with "No Display" showing. Critical error ID 41 shows in Event Viewer. Sometimes audio can still be heard, computer is still...
  8. Texelis

    Help! Warthog / T16000M Dual stick

    Heyyo - So I'm running Warthog Joystick right hand with a T16000M left. Fricken love dual stick by the way! Anyway, after a day of messing around with it, I still can't get the left stick to work how I'd like. Y - mapped to strafe F/B X- mapped to strafe L/R Z - roll At this point leaving left...
  9. Texelis

    Escape from Tarkov

    Looking for players to join up with in the upcoming Beta. I didn't spring for an Alpha pack, but will be in game soon™ Who's escaping?
  10. Texelis

    Need computer help, does this ring a bell?

    So, ya. Without loading a bunch of log files, with these components - Asus Sabertooth X79, Corsair Dominator Plat 32gb ram C9 9-10-9, i7 4930K. If I set everything to defaults in bios (1333 ram, 3.4 cpu etc.. I get major memory errors with memtest, and an unstable system. Currently the only...
  11. Texelis

    WTS: Fleet ships, packages, credits...

    Hey all, so after a year with enough problems to fill a Garth Brooks country album, I need to sell most of my fleet. We're currently hitting $3k a month in medical fees alone for my wife, and we need funds. Credits: $210 for $250 CR - in the form of a non LTI Redeemer ($250 melt price) - SOLD...
  12. Texelis

    a a arg! PTU sign up come and gone
  13. Texelis

    AC crashes, not the asteroid or ramming kind...

    Heya - I know there's an AC forum on RSI, but I'm wondering how many people here are having issues with AC during public matches? Or how many peeps without issues? I can run free flight, solo VS, and solo racing without issue. If I play in a public match it's guaranteed I will suffer the "Star...
  14. Texelis

    'Sup Test?!

    I'm currently enjoying the light, crisp, refreshing taste of Pabst Blue Ribbon to put me in the mood for intros. Where you from stranger? I'm from BC, Canada. Vancouver to be exact. Up here we drink strong beer and live in igloos... unfortunately with the market the way it is our igloos are 1/2...
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