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  1. Patrick Spaceman

    HOTAS/HOSAS setup upgrade

    Amazeballs..looking to do similar-ish. I even have pretty much the same desktop and drawers and mousepad hahaha
  2. Patrick Spaceman

    Chemistry Question

    I'd start here: But say's it needs adult that counts me out. Good luck and don't burn your house down.
  3. Patrick Spaceman

    Vanduul Blade getting a buff

    I had a Hornet sitting around.... I watch video.. I no longer have a Hornet sitting around... I have a Blade sitting around...
  4. Patrick Spaceman


    Welcome man!
  5. Patrick Spaceman

    Hi :)

    Hey man...hello. Do you like Huey Lewis and the News? Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when 'Sports' came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate...
  6. Patrick Spaceman

    what dis?

    Yeah 'UNSC'....then suddenly....Meet the new Drake ship! the 'Hello Pelican'
  7. Patrick Spaceman

    what dis?

    Dunno..but the second pic's a repost hahaha you always repost it!
  8. Patrick Spaceman

    I must be a masochist coming from Eve to SC

    Australia timezone...checking in..
  9. Patrick Spaceman

    3.17.2 Evocati Leak

    Time will tell. Also it seems every man and his cat on YouTube is using the same document to make videos. One other even showed the document they were referencing which was the same one posted earlier in here.
  10. Patrick Spaceman

    Star Citizen reacts to Banu Merchantman update

    I see the future....videos on Youtube: "BMM is a VHRT Bounty Beast!"
  11. Patrick Spaceman

    3.17.2 Evocati Leak

    One day...maybe if we all wear the same armor and have a T-pose emote we can sneak in and back out again..
  12. Patrick Spaceman

    Removed CCU's from Pledge Store

    Yeah odd, but as others have said has happened before. Just checked then and they're still MIA.
  13. Patrick Spaceman

    3.17.2 Evocati Leak

    It is a no brainer hundreds of years in the future, but will just makes bunkers "loot runs" where your consequences only come into play now if you really screw up using that GL. Currently sure it's a bit of a buggy mess, with some stupid AI, and jamming weapons, etc but you need to watch where...
  14. Patrick Spaceman

    3.17.2 Evocati Leak

    Yeah used chem-sticks, on the back of day-packs and panel markers. Didn't have UV but had a chem-stick holder that was a cylinder with a part that rotated and exposed a teensy-tiny part of the cylume stick. On chem sticks before I joined the Army, you used to able to get small ones the same size...
  15. Patrick Spaceman

    Removed CCU's from Pledge Store

    Nice...Both the Avengers and the Gladius are awesome.
  16. Patrick Spaceman

    Removed CCU's from Pledge Store

    I have my LTI Titan and Gladius so i'm happy..just waiting to upgrade the Titan to the Renegade when it comes back around again.
  17. Patrick Spaceman

    Removed CCU's from Pledge Store

    An eagle-eyed person on spectrum noticed that CIG has removed the CCU's for the Avenger Titan and Stalker as well as the CCU for the Gladius. I jumped on the pledge store and confirmed, that indeed is the case...has this ever happened before in any capacity? Could it be so many people buying...
  18. Patrick Spaceman

    3.17.2 Evocati Leak

    Love my ARGO RAFT...
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